JCC Rockland begins enrollment for new early childhood program

The Deborah Koenig Early Childhood Center at JCC Rockland is now enrolling children for a new, full-day early childhood program opening on Sept. 1, 2014.

The program will be open for children 15 months as of September 1, 2014 and will be the first full-day early childhood program the JCC has offered since it was founded in 1988. Running from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. the program will meet the needs of working parents and those who desire a full day of care.

The program will use a “whole child” approach, focusing on strengthening children socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically, while providing warm, nurturing care. Staff members are professionals, who participate in ongoing training to keep abreast of the latest educational trends and developments.

The program is inclusive and values-oriented, providing play-based, child-directed learning in state-of-the-art classrooms. The decision to offer the program came after careful consideration of the community’s and the JCC’s needs.

“The JCC has been exploring providing this type of full-day option for parents for a while,” says Miriam Pedler, director of the JCC’s early childhood program. “We’ve done the homework and really see the need for an inclusive, full-day program suffused in Jewish values. There really isn’t anything else like it available in the county.”

The JCC is hoping to build on its success with Camp J-Land and enrichment programs like Mini-Soccer, Tiny Chefs and Shalom Yoga. Those programs clearly pointed to a need for professionally developed, creative programming aimed at the youngest children, Pedler says.

The new program will run 12 months, and tuition will include summer camp at the JCC’s Camp J-Land. That program includes full-day options and swimming instruction in an outdoor, in-ground pool. Its addition will bring the JCC, which moved to the Rockland Jewish Community Campus in West Nyack in 2005, closer to being a full-service JCC.

While most JCC’s around the country do include childcare or nursery programming, JCC Rockland has not in the past. However, after conducting a study and hearing feedback from young parents involved in the organization and the community, the JCC determined the program would fill a particular need that is not currently met.

For more information about the new program visit www.jccrockland.org or call Miriam Pedler at 845.352.4400, ext. 103 or email miriamp@jccrockland.org.


Scott Northridge January 12, 2014 at 06:40 PM
Wonderful opportunity for the children. Early childhood education is so valuable in today's society. Such a shame that the Archdiocese of New York doesn't offer this for their Catholic children. Oh, I forgot, they prefer the closure of schools.
Watchdog January 12, 2014 at 08:04 PM
Sounds like you can just drop your kids off there and pick them up when they are 18. They will be smart and educated and ready to work until they are 110 years old so let's start them early. Chalk up another great idea for Woman's Liberation. You can have your kids but you don't have to raise them. You can work on that glass ceiling thing instead. What a treat.
ADK January 12, 2014 at 08:23 PM
Probably time to go back into the cave Watchdog, fire and the wheel have been created...yeah, those pesky women, thinking they're equal to us men...soon they'll want to read, vote and drive...
Watchdog January 12, 2014 at 09:22 PM
ADK..a spoken like a true feminist. Women were always equal to men...still are...perhaps more equal. This is about families not having mothers and fathers raising them. I have seen it for 30 years...day after school ends....sleeps ways start. First Pre K Daycare starts then all then after school programs etc etc. If you don't want to raise them, don't have kids.
Watchdog January 12, 2014 at 09:24 PM
Kids will live to 110, they don't have to start formal learning at 2.


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