Aney Paul Resigns From Library Board

She was on the board for five-plus years


Aney Paul resigned from the New City Library Board of Trustees Thursday night, ending her five-plus years on the board.

Paul, whose term ends this year, said she felt it was time to step aside as she had missed the previous two meetings. Paul is a nurse at Nyack Hospital and a first-term member of the Rockland County Legislature whose district includes part of New City and Nanuet.

“I’ve enjoyed working as a board member in many positions and I thank all the board members, all of the community of the library, all of the staff of the library and also our previous director, Chuck [McMorran],” Paul said during the meeting. “All of you, I express my heartfelt thanks. I’ll be here anytime any help you guys need, I’ll be here.”

The board voted in favor of accepting the resignation, although a few members acknowledged during the meeting they are sad to see her leave.

“I don’t want her to go,” said Trustee Jeff Greenberg.

Prior to the meeting, Paul only told President Joseph Reiter she was resigning. Reiter had a plaque made up thanking Paul for her service to the board during the past five-plus years, in which she’s held numerous positions on the board, including president.

“I loved to serve on this board,” she said. “I enjoy doing this and want to keep helping in any way I can.”

Paul will most likely continue assisting the board, as at Thursday’s meeting she was named to the New Executive Director Search Committee by Tom Ninan, who chairs the committee. Even with the resignation, Paul will stay on the committee, as it is as well.

There was some discussion as to who to name as Paul’s replacement to finish out her term, but the discussion was tabled until next meeting.

Trustee Terri Thal nominated Martus Granirer, citing a situation in 2011 when then-Trustee during his term.

“We turned to the person who at the public last election had gotten the highest number of votes and asked that person to join the board, and that was Ed Kallen,” Thal said.

Kallen is still a member of the library board. Granirer was previously on the board for one term, but was . As one of five candidates up for three spots, Granirer  finished fourth.

Thal’s nomination was seconded by Kallen, but ultimately voted down 3-2, with no votes coming from Ninan, Anthony Feliciano and Olahannan Poulose.

Feliciano motioned to nominate Christian J. Cartelli to the open spot on the board, but Thal expressed concern because she didn’t know who that was or if he had been interviewed for the position. His resume was handed out to the board and Feliciano’s motion was seconded by Ninan. Greenberg asked to hold off on the vote.

“I ask that we just table this motion until the next meeting to see what the bylaws say about filling the board and have a chance to review Mr. Cartelli’s resume,” he said.

Ninan said that last time the board had this situation, he made a similar motion that was rejected so the board could vote in “[Greenberg’s] friend” Kallen.

“First of all, I don’t appreciate your personal attacks,” Greenberg said. “And secondly, there’s a big difference between this gentleman and proposing Ed Kallen because he did go through the election process, we were familiar with him and we knew a little bit more about him than we knew about this gentleman other than getting a single piece of paper.”

The motion to table was voted for in favor by Kallen, Greenberg, Feliciano and Thal.

Mary Beth August 17, 2012 at 11:26 PM
If Aney Paul "only told President Joseph Reiter she was resigning," how is it that Feliciano already had a replacement candidate and copies of his resume to distribute, and Ninan immediately seconded Feliciano's motion? Really???
John N August 18, 2012 at 02:18 AM
Hey, Feliciano and Ninan were quick but Thal beat them both with her instant nomination of her live-in boyfriend - Granirer. Even though it got voted down, Thal won't give up trying to get him back on the board so she start her own majority. This board is loaded with crafty trustees!
Fairness4All August 18, 2012 at 11:41 PM
Maybe now Aney Paul will have the time to return calls and emails from her legislative constituents! We will be watching!


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