Halloween Decorations Poke Fun At New Hempstead Road Construction

A New City family has gone with humorous Halloween decorations the last three years

Halloween is typically a time of year when lawns are littered with lanterns, covered in cobwebs and home to gangs of ghosts, but one New City family has up decorations that might be more frightening to locals than any typical Halloween monsters: construction workers from New Hempstead Road.

For the last three years, the DeVisser family in New City has put up Halloween decorations with a bit of a twist, making full-sized people facing backwards and using low-hanging pants and pumpkins to give the allusion of some slight mooning.

Last year they put up a jailbird and police officer and the the year before they went with scarecrows. 

Cathy DeVisser said they got the idea after seeing it done upstate. She said the family -- husband Jim and their sons Timothy and David -- picked this year's theme after spending quite a bit of time on New Hempstead Road over these last few months.

“We drive up and down New Hempstead Road all the time,” she said. “It’s not to make fun of them by any means. I’m sure this is kind of how they feel by being tooted at up and down New Hempstead Road all the time.”

The two construction workers had hardhats and orange construction tops, along with shovels and cones. DeVisser said the response to the decorations in front of her Congers Road home has been positive so far. 

“Everybody stops to take pictures,” she said. “There’s always a line of cars out there.”

The DeVisser’s also have some more traditional Halloween decorations on their lawn as well.

“We like the whole scary aspect of Halloween, but we also like to bring the humor with it to keep the fun, and family fun, instead of just having it as a spooky kind of thing,” David DeVisser said.


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