New City Jewish Center Celebrates Purim (VIDEO)

Kids dressed up and sang

Kids dressed up as princesses, athletes, animals and more Wednesday night at the as part of the center’s Purim celebration. The holiday celebrates the thwarting of a plot to murder Jewish people in Persia by Haman.

To celebrate the holiday, kids dressed up in costumes and every time Haman’s name is mentioned, they yelled and used noisemakers to drown out his name. Some use a toy called a grogger while others filled water bottles with items to make noise. Some kids also used boxes of macaroni and cheese, which were collected to be donated to the Kosher Food Pantry.

The kids were led in a quite retelling of the story by Rabbi Jeremy Ruberg, and then led in song by Ruberg and Ben Lewis.

After the kids celebration, they joined the actual service and went up on stage, afterwards performing a play.


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