New City Library Board Elects New Officers (VIDEO)

Sitting trustees Ninan, Feliciano, Reiter and Mulrooney elected to president, vice president, secretary and treasurer posts


Two of Thursday’s night’s races for New City Library Board of Trustee officer positions were contested and two were not.  Anthony Feliciano read the list of candidates who had submitted their names to the Nominating Committee.

Jeffrey Greenberg and Tom Ninan ran for president. Edward Kallen and Joseph Reiter sought the secretary’s post. Feliciano was the only candidate for vice president and Matthew Mulrooney was the single entrant for treasurer.  Ninan and Reiter were elected as president and secretary respectively with six votes. The six votes came from Ninan, Reiter, Mulrooney, Feliciano, Christian Cortelli and Olahannan Poulose. 

Teri Thal tried to nominate Greenberg for the treasurer position but he declined saying he had just served a one-year term. Mulrooney and Feliciano each received seven votes. Kallen and Thal did not vote. In their races, Greenberg and Kallen each received three votes. Their third vote came from Thal.

Interim Director Marianne Silver announced the candidates and results of the vote, officially naming each winner to their new position, which becomes effective on Thursday, Jan 17, 2013.  

Feliciano originally suggested a secret ballot for the vote saying the committee had recommended it.  Kallen objected and said in the interests of open government the public should know how each trustee voted. The vote was changed from a paper ballot to a show of hands for each candidate. 

Thursday was the final meeting as president for Reiter, as vice president for Ninan, as secretary for Kallen and as treasurer for Greenberg.  


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