Pets Need Cooling, Too

Advice on how to help pets survive the heat wave

Even indoors, it might be best to put those games of fetch on hold for the next couple of days.

With Rockland in a heat wave, people are taking all kinds of precautions to stay cool and not overexert themselves.

Well, pet owners should be doing the same thing.

"Keep [pets] in doors and in air conditioning, if possible," said Doug Staley, one of the owners of Pet Palace on Main Street in New City.

Staley also said to make sure to keep all animals hydrated and to let them slowly move around indoors if they so please. He also said that if you have to take your animal out for a walk, make it a quick one - preferably in the early morning or late afternoon. But other than a quick walk, it's best to let pets stay indoors until it cools down.

"Hot dogs are good to eat, not leave in cars," he said. "People like to take their dogs, or any animals, in the car and leave them in there while running into a store for a few minutes. In this type of heat, you really can't do that."

Staley said one way to tell if an animal is suffering from heat exhaustion is discoloration in the gums, usually a purple color.

"If you see that, it's time to take proactive measures," he said. "Wet a bandana or t-shirt and put it around your pet's neck. Or you can wrap the animal in cool towels."

But that's not all the advice Staley has on how to beat the heat.

"Just think cool thoughts," he said.


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