All-American Burrito Eating Contest a Thriller

American Burrito in New City hosted a burrito eating contest with the winner taking home $500.

Seven men battled tooth and nail while devouring guac and pork.  Some paced themselves; others were a bit more frenetic in their pursuit of winning the All-American Burrito Eating Contest.   

In the end, Dalton Jobson won by two scoops of burrito-ey goodness, finishing his five pound burrito in 12:43 Monday at American Burrito in New City.          

“Basically, the plan that I had was just to cut it from the middle and just kind of work my way to the edges,” Jobson said.  “I knew when I’d get to the end I could just pick up the salad part of it and kind of take it from there.” 

The seven competitors had 30 minutes to finish their burritos, which were weighed on a scale to prove the validity of the poundage- and possibly to intimidate as well.  Whoever cleared their plate first would win $500.  A crowd of people made their way into the restaurant and cheered for the eater they wanted to see win.  Some even made signs.   

“Burritos are a great massive-eating quantity item,” said Max Crisp, who owns American Burrito in New City.  “Everyone wants to know how big the burrito is and things like that.  So we created the All-American burrito, which is three tortillas together with chicken, beef, and pork in them.  These burritos with guac [guacamole] and sour cream on them weighed five pounds.  And we just thought it was a great way to bring some excitement to town on a slow day.”        

Jobson calmly ate his burrito at a steady pace throughout.  He said this was the first competitive eating event he has ever been a part of.  The 6’7" winner was challenged by Joe, the competitor next to him who frantically mounted a late chow-down chase down.      

“I was confident that I could finish, but I wasn’t sure if I would beat the competition,” Jobson said.  “I wasn’t sure about that.”

When asked what he would be eating for dinner Monday night, he responded: “Couple of baby carrots probably and maybe popcorn.”      


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