Huge Crowd Celebrates Pearl River Day

It was the sixth annual event organized by the Pearl River Chamber of Commerce

People packed East Central Ave. was packed Saturday morning and afternoon to celebrate the sixth annual Pearl River Day.

The event, organized by the Pearl River Chamber of Commerce, features local vendors selling food, clothes, toys and more on the closed off street. There are also music, dancing and karate performances throughout the day. It’s also a good way for a new business to introduce themselves to the community, like Karma Vault did.

“It’s just a great way to advertise to the community and that’s what we’re about: community relations,” said Stephanie Sirico, co-owner of Karma Vault. 

The new yoga and fitness studio opened two weeks ago, and so far the response from the community has been quite positive, Sirico said.

“Everybody is real excited that we’re here and they’ve never had a yoga studio here before,” she said. “They’re happy it’s not a bar and a restaurant.”

Pearl River Day can also be a way for a new church to announce their arrival in Pearl River. The River will hold its first service Sunday at 10 a.m. The church is located at 253 Ehrhardt Road in Pearl River, the location of the old Neighborhood Alliance Church.

“We love Pearl River Day because we love Pearl River. This is the town where our church is,” said Community Life Pastor Paul Garcia.

“We love the people of this town and in our view, you can’t be the church just inside the church building. You have to go outside of the church building.”

Pearl River Day also featured an area for kids to play sports and a talent show, which Tyler Conroy won by singing.


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