O&R Warns of Downed Wires as Threat to Trick or Treaters

Orange and Rockland issued a warning of the dangers of trick or treating with many wires still down or damaged due to Hurricane Sandy.

Orange and Rockland issued a Halloween safety warning Wednesday morning.

According to O&R, in addition to wires still on the ground, there are wires that are damaged or hanging low that could pose a threat to trick or treaters. 

According to the statement: "O&R urges you and your family to exercise extreme caution when traveling outside. Thoudsands of broken wires caused by Hurricane SAndy are lying on the ground, hanging low, hidden beneath leaves or in contact with fences and other structures."

O&R is advising that trick or treating be limited to daylight hours. . 

O&R asks that residents report any downed wires they see by calling 1-877-434-4100 an stay at least 50 feet away.

In its most recent update, O&R reported service had been restored to 15,000 customers. A total of 225,000 customers have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy, with the company projecting most to have power back within 10 days.

O&R is still focusing on restoring 27 transmission circuits and 17 substations that were badly damaged by the storm, with remaining crews addressing 101 distribution circuits taken down by wind and falling trees. The company also has site safety crews out to deal with downed wires that are still live.  

O&R's outage map can be found here.

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Nancy October 31, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Who do we have to reach out to to have Halloween rescheduled?? It is just not safe, and telling people to use caution is not going to keep someone from stepping on a downed wire that is covered with leaves. What about all of the trees that are leaning, just waiting for those wires, or whateve is holding them up, to fall? Keeping our kids home when other kids are ringing our doorbells is sending a mixed message. Why can't the powers that be (school officials/chamber of commerce) make a decision to keep our kids safe??
tom kelty October 31, 2012 at 04:38 PM
Don't give out candy give out notes that ask the parents.... don't you have enough sense to have your children close at home safe from harm? Ask them to voluntarily call CPS and tell them that they are unfit parents and don't care about their children. As my children grew up and things like this would happen , I didn't look for the Government to run my life, that is very scary that you want that, I told my kids we don't do all the same things others do "because they are doing it" we do whar is safe and within reason. If my kids wanted todo something i deemed unsafe, I would say maybe their parents don't love or care or think about the dangers they are introducing to their child. just because someone drives by you at 100 mph, doesnt mean we do it. We don't need a LAW to decide what is right and wrong. in other words...RAISE YOUR children. Deal with ways to explain to them and give them something else special instead so they don't feel like they are losing out on anything.


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