Be Aware Of Scams: Check Utility Workers' Identification

United Water advises customers to be cautious and ask for ID and check for company vehicle


United Water officials advises urging customers to be extra cautious to protect themselves and their property in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  

“Although we are not aware of any recent activity, scam artists sometimes pose as United Water or other utility employees,” said Michael Pointing, vice president and general manager of the United Water New York division. “This is not uncommon especially when there is widespread damage following a storm. These imposters attempt to gain access to homes in order to engage in criminal activity.”

Pointing said that customers should closely examine the identification of any person claiming to be from the water company. United Water employees wear uniforms and I.D. badges with the company name and logo. Each badge shows the employee’s color photograph, name, job title and date it was issued. Customers should also check for a white United Water vehicle which prominently features the logo. 

“We want our customers to take a few moments to be sure that the person on their door step has the proper credentials,” said Pointing. “This is especially important if they have not called for a service visit.”

A customer who has doubts should have the person wait outside. Customers can call the following numbers to verify that the company has sent someone to their home. United Water New York at 845-623-1500.

When in doubt, customers can also contact their local police department. 


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