UPDATE: Boil Water Advisory For Piermont, Grandview, West Nyack

Boil water advisory issued late Tuesday evening for parts of Piermont and Grandview in addition to Monday order issued for West Nyack

The Rockland County Health Department has ordered a boil advisory for a section of customers in Piermont and Grand View. Customers are advised to boil their water before using it for drinking or cooking purposes. 

The boil water advisory has been issued for the following street addresses in Piermont:

  • Route 9W: Numbers 532 to 785 Castle Road (Piermont)
  • Broadway  in Piermont
  • Ash Street:  49 and above
  • Piermont Place: All addresses
  • Hartz Terrace: All addresses
  • VFW Way: All addresses
  • Crescent: All addresses
  • Franklin Street: All addresses
  • Tweed Boulevard:  Numbers 185, 191, 163, 161, 157, 155, 153, 151, 240

Customers at the following addresses in Grandview are also advised to boil their water before using:

  1. Route 9W: Numbers 787 through 1158
  2. Tweed Boulevard:  Numbers 127, 125, 123, 119, 47, 49, 51
  3. Treeline Terrace: All addresses
  4. South Broadway: Numbers 330 through 458 and 243 through280
  5. Ferris Lane: All addresses
  6. Old Mountain Road: All addresses
  7. Shady Side Avenue: All addresses
  8. Townsend Avenue: All addresses
  9. Wells Lane:  All Addresses

And in Grand View, the boil water order was extended to South Boulevard 243-280.

In West Nyack the affected addresses were issued the boil water order on Monday, Oct. 29:

  • All of Jeffrey Court
  • All of Samantha Way
  • All of Dara Court
  • All of Snake Hill Road
  • Old Mill Road from Strawtown Road to Branchville Road 
  • Strawtown Road from Demarest Avenue to Old Mill Road

Customers are advised to boil their water for one minute for the following uses: drinking, cooking, baking, washing dishes, making ice cubes, taking medication, brushing teeth, washing food, mixing baby formula, mixing juices or drinks, feeding pets or other consumption. Water does not have to be boiled for showering or washing clothes. 

The Piermont and Grand View problems were caused by low pressure as a result of a temporary power outage at the Piermont booster station and reduced water levels in the Grand View tank. The West Nyack order resulted from damage to a water main in front of the treatment plant.

United Water emergency crews will collect water samples to monitor the safety of the drinking water. It typically takes 72 hours to administer tests to two sets of samples and receive results, so it is important for customers in the affected area to continue to boil water until further notice.

For more information on boil advisories, customers can dial the Rockland County Health Department at 845.364.2608.  Stay tuned to unitedwater.com/uwny for further updates.


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