Rally For America Tea Party Speaks Out

Responds to letter sent by Rockland County Republican Committee.


Dear Editor:

Last weekend a rambling letter filled with factual inaccuracies was mailed to the members of the Rockland County Republican Committee. It was composed by Vincent Reda and his spokesperson Lynn Teger, and included the names of an additional three of his most ardent supporters.

The communication included numerous untruths about Rally for America Tea Party, among other topics. On behalf of the core members of RFA, I present our rebuttal, in open letter form.

It comes as no surprise that the members of the current GOP establishment, under the leadership of Vincent Reda, refuse to even acknowledge, let alone agree to abide by, the tenets of a straightforward Pledge that asks only for an allegiance to their oath of office, and transparency to prove that loyal adherence.

Rather than confirm their intentions to honor the duties entrusted to them when they took office, they choose to employ leftist strategies of distraction by having Reda’s spokesperson and most loyal cohorts concoct outrageous stories to smear the patriots who are ardently working to restore the damage done to our localities and our nation by the very activities this current GOP leadership continues to undertake.

Do actions speak more loudly than words? So far this year, Reda and his cohorts have brought us a Moodys rating that is now virtually junk bond status; property taxes that were just increased Thirty Percent, with more to come; and the continuation of Republican line horse trading in back room deals that have given us liberal, Obama supporting Joe Carvin and leftist Democrat Janis Castaldi, who was never even brought up to the committee.

In closing, I freely acknowledge the quote attributed to me that was included in Reda’s letter, as written subject to his approval by his spokesperson. ["But the fact also remains that Rally for America blew apart from us abandoning our tea party duties to work full time for him {Anthony Mele - interpretation injected by Reda}. We lost all credibility as a tea party group and have never been able to come back from our actions back then." ~Jeanine Vecchiarelli].

I openly stated that sentiment over a year ago, and it was meant for Any campaign work, not just Anthony Mele’s. The funny thing is, time has shown that RFA was actually ahead of the curve two years ago. We assumed it was the wrong path to follow because it took us away from the educational and demonstrational roles of all the other Tea Parties back then.

This year Tea Party leaders all over the country are exhorting their members to get involved in Tea Party candidates’ campaigns, and to propel them to victory. In other words, they are following the trail blazed by RFA two years ago. Looking at the carnage that has already been visited upon us so far this year, the question remains: would we rather see candidates that are vetted and endorsed by the patriots who comprise the Tea Party movement? YES!

Jeanine Vecchiarelli
Member RFA Tea Party

Lawrence Stone July 17, 2012 at 08:31 PM
Despite the best efforts of Mr. Reda and his spokesperson to get him re-elected as GOP Chairman, this positive, effective movement is focused on a singular mission: Recruit, Replace, Restore! Committeeman who REFUSE to take "The Committeeman Pledge" http://rocklandrepublicans.org/the-pledge/ and REFUSE to Denounce the practice of cross endorsing Democrats, are HELPING PUT DEMOCRATS ON THE "REPUBLICAN" LINE themselves through their inaction. When they go further to actively slander individuals trying to fight for fair elections, they expose the exact type of culture we are trying to replace! If it walks like a duck...
Lynn Teger July 30, 2012 at 11:44 PM
2:08 pm on Thursday, July 12, 2012 On behalf of myself, Irene Tiburcio and Diane Holland regarding the letter that went out to the committee people: We wrote this letter on our own initiative based on our personal and professional experiences with Anthony Mele. We are all former members and original co-founders of the Rally for America tea party. We mention Rally for America and the Rockland Republican Academy for purposes of illustrating the connections and not to disparage the individual members of the groups. We found it necessary to expose the truth about Mr. Mele and believe he is not suitable for any leadership position within the Republican Party or elsewhere. We are nobody’s “spokesperson” and we speak on behalf of only ourselves. General Jackson also signed the letter simply because of his expertise in the area of military awards. Please click link below to access the letter. http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs086/1101448807983/archive/1110607462416.html


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