Water Releases From Lake DeForest Stopped

United Water ended releases from reservoir at regulators’ request


United Water reports it ended the increased water releases from Lake DeForest at the request of the New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and the agreement of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). The NYDEC requested the release of additional water from Lake DeForest on Friday. United Water New York discontinued the release on Saturday evening according to the requests of the NJDEP and NYDEC.

During that time period, the daily flow increased from the permitted 9.75 million gallons to approximately 60 to 80 million gallons. Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski requested the action to mitigate potential flooding expected from Hurricane Sandy.  On Thursday the reservoir was at 99 percent of capacity.  

The discharge was stopped to allow time for the water to flow downstream before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

Michael Pointing, vice president and general manager of United Water New York, said “Today (Saturday), we must allow sufficient time to pass that water through the New Jersey reservoirs before the storm. This is in order to return those reservoirs to the levels they were at before the additional releases began.  If not, there is the potential for flooding downstream.” 

The total of the increased water discharge adn current level of water in the reservoir was not immediately available. 

Pointing said the company will continue to maximize production from the Lake DeForest Water Treatment Plant, which will somewhat reduce the reservoir level for dam protection. The company maintains continuous contact with the NYSDEC and County of Rockland and Town of Clarkstown emergency personnel.” 


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