Wireless Communications Law Revised

Clarkstown drops maintenance proceedings against Congers property owner.


The Clarkstown Town Board adopted a proposed local law on wireless communications facilities to put the town in compliance with a federal court order.  There were no comments at Tuesday’s public hearing on the local law. The approved amendment to the existing law requires an environmental analysis when an application is filed for a wireless communications facility at a specific site.  

A public hearing on a property maintenance violation issued for a Congers property was cancelled. Clarkstown Zoning Administrator Joel Epstein told the board the owner of 159 Massachusetts Avenue had hired a contractor to take care of the violations.

Also on Tuesday night, the town board approved the removal of a no parking sign on Tall Oak Lane in New City. Neighbors on the dead end street submitted a petition asking for the removal of the “No Parking in the ‘T’ Turn Around” sign.

The board approved the installation of one streetlight at 113 New York Avenue in Congers. Additionally, the board voted in favor of installing a “Stop Sign” and sign line on Ember Drive at the “T” intersection with Scher Drive in New City and at the intersection of Snowdrop Drive and Goebel Road in New City.

Board members authorized the removal of the two-hour parking restrictions on the east side of Maple Avenue between Demarest Avenue and First Street. The decision was made because off street parking has been added at a municipal lot on Maple Avenue and First Street. 

The board voted to: 

  • Award a bid for relocation of sewers at Lake Nanuet Park by Cal Mart Enterprises of Congers. The project cost is capped at $498,498 plus a 15 percent contingency fee.
  • Award a bid for a culvert bypass on Ridge Road to Victor P. Zugibe, Inc. of Stony Point.  The maximum project cost is set at $174,000 plus a 15 percent contingency fee.
  • Authorize the director of the Department of Environmental Control to retain Cal Mart Enterprises to correct drainage conditions in a town drainage easement at #15 The Rise in Congers at a cost of $4,994.
  • Authorize the director of the Department of Environmental Control to retain Pinebrook Industries to install drainage along Bristol Court at a fee of $14,250. 
  • Authorize the supervisor to amend the agreement with the H2M Group of New City to perform feasibility studies for public works projects.  The fee for additional services from October 2, 2012 through December 31, 2013 is $75,000.
  • Authorize the supervisor to sign an Energy Services Program Agreement with the New York State Power Authority.  The agreement deals with looking into financing options for the town’s proposed solar installation at the closed West Nyack landfill and investigation of a possible purchase of its street lighting inventory.
Mary October 10, 2012 at 09:38 AM
Here's the new bill... http://www.town.clarkstown.ny.us/PDF/Local_Laws/WIRELESS%20COMM%20LAW.pdf There's alot more to this law than "...an environmental analysis when an application is filed for a wireless communications facility at a specific site". This new law, which has just been passed by the vote of 5 people, is going to effect many aspects of our way of life in Clarkstown... Please note Section 251-10.I...


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