Romney picking Ryan: 'Epic Fail'

The Romney/Ryan Campaign will take America Backwards.


The Republican Presidential slate is finalized with tea party extremist Paul Ryan running as Vice President. Dubbed by the Romney campaign as “America’s Comeback Team” I began to wonder what America do the Republicans want us to come back to?

Do Romney and Ryan want us to come back to the time where women and people of color can’t vote? Yes they do. We see how Republicans are working hard to suppress the votes of people of color and young people in key battleground states such as Florida.

Do Romney and Ryan want us to come back to a time where women didn’t have sovereignty over their own bodies? Yes they do. The Romney/Ryan campaign wants us to go back to days of dark alleys and coat hangers.  

Do Romney and Ryan want us to come back to a time where people die from illness because they are dropped from their insurance due to pre-existing conditions? Yes they do because they will repeal the Affordable Healthcare act which makes it illegal to deny insurance coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

Do Romney and Ryan want to us to come back to a day where seniors don’t have access to medical services? Yes they do. The Romney/Ryan plan would end Medicare as we know it and take us back to a day where we didn’t value seniors.

So why did the Republican Party pick Ryan? Many think that Romney didn’t have enough credibility with conservatives because he kept flip-flopping on social issues. Others think that it’s a way to court young voters. I think that it is going to cost them the election.

While it might be true that the conservative base loves Ryan, young people and independent voters, as a collective, will not support him. Those two critical voting groups care too much about equality and justice to vote for such an extremist. For instance, look what happened when Ryan stated that his favorite band was “Rage Against the Machine” in an attempt to relate to a younger demographic.

On August 16 in an op-ed in the Rolling Stone, the guitarist of Rage Against the Machine blasted Ryan for his neoconservative views: “Don't mistake me, I clearly see that Ryan has a whole lotta "rage" in him: A rage against women, a rage against immigrants, a rage against workers, a rage against gays, a rage against the poor, a rage against the environment. Basically the only thing he's not raging against is the privileged elite he's groveling in front of for campaign contributions.” To see this article visit: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/tom-morello-paul-ryan-is-the-embodiment-of-the-machine-our-music-rages-against-20120816

To use the language of young people, Romney picking Ryan is an 'epic fail'.

I hope that on Election Day in November, when we bubble in our votes, we vote for the party that will continue to move our country forward and not the party that will take American backwards. This is summed up by a driving metaphor President Obama once said: “You want to go forward, what do you do? You put it in 'D.' When you go backward, what do you do? You put it in 'R.”

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Felicia August 20, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Joseph - The Obama campaign is counting on people that just absorb the inaccuracies and lies they put out. Don't fall for it. 1. The tea party stands for Fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Govt &Free Markets.Pretty extreme compared to the Obama admin not passing a budget in 3.5 yrs and running the debt up to trillions of $’s. 2.Suppressing the vote? I guess minorities also can't apply for food stamps, buy Sudafed, have any medical tests or return an item to a store.Maybe you would prefer to keep dead people voting. 3.The war against women is made up.Free birth control does not empower women.The Obama admin wants to limit Mammo's.Abortion is not birth control. Most could be avoided with some personal responsibility.It is impossible to get pregnant by accident. 4. Obamacare-now think... what will happen once the govt controls all the healthcare purse strings & you no longer have a choice?The problem with healthcare ins is the govt is involved too much & the patient is not involved enough. What doctor is going to want to work for what the govt pays for services? One brilliant plan I heard suggested rewarding doctors when their patients have good outcomes.THINK - Will any doctor take the hard cases then? 5. Medicare-The Obama plan guts Medicare - the Ryan plan does not change Medicare for anyone over 55 & any one under 55 would be offered A CHOICE- to stay in the current Medicare plan or go to a voucher system.
Felicia August 20, 2012 at 12:28 PM
“You want to go forward, what do you do? You put it in 'D.' When you go backward, what do you do? You put it in 'R.” and the Obama administration is Over. Ryan/ Romney will make it Right. Base your vote on facts - not word play.
Lynn Teger August 20, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Joe, the tea party are not extremist, but your article shows that you are. The tea party stands for getting us back to less spending, less taxes, less government control. That’s what we would like to see our country get back to. What is "extremist" about that? Mr. Coe: Do you own a house? Do you know what Americans have had to bear in the raising of their property and other taxes? Most of America voted in Obama knowing nothing of his background. Obama was voted in on empty promises and has turned this country into a living nightmare. Since he took office, Americans have lost 40% of their wealth. This is a fact. Since taking office, the federal debt has been raised over 70%. This is a fact. If re-elected Mr. Obama does not plan to lower spending; in fact, what he plans is to raise taxes so that the federal government can continue its spending spree. What about the fact that Mr. Obama has signed over 300 executive orders, bypassing Congress; wants to donate our seas to other countries, has leaked secrets to other countries, wants to reduce our nuclear arsenal and make us vulnerable to attack of other countries. What about Obama's voting in the National Defense Authorization Act, where in section 1021, it basically destroys our Bill of Rights and makes American citizens vulnerable to indefinite detention? What do you have to say about that?
Lynn Teger August 20, 2012 at 12:51 PM
In 2008 when Obama was voted in, we saw the biggest amount of voter fraud ever witnessed in this country. Remember ACORN? Or did you forget? Your opinion piece is exactly that: Opinion. There is nothing factual in anything you have written. You say “ Republicans are “suppressing the votes of people of color and young people in key battleground states such as Florida”. How are they doing that? When I ran for Town Council in Haverstraw, I witnessed plenty of voter suppression and voter fraud going on right here in Rockland County which was perpetuated by the Democrats. Dark alleys and coathangers? Are you for real? The affordable health care act has recently been deemed a “tax bill” not a “health care” bill by the United States Supreme Court. What do you think about that? Due to the healthcare act, the federal government will end up making healthcare decisions that should be between an individual and their doctor. This is okay by you? Since the Affordable Health Care Act went into effect, many business owners have had their health insurance rates rise to over approximately 30% of what they were previously paying. I assume you believe in redistribution of wealth, because that is what this is. Maybe you need to do a little more research. Get your facts straight.
Margaret McKee August 20, 2012 at 01:04 PM
Joseph, Be careful.......your information is inaccurate.....figure it out for yourself.........the facts are: that we are so much in debt, our children will inherit this financial burden. they will drown in taxes and the United States will no longer be the land of the free. We NEED leaders......those who can restore our solvency. Study your facts...you have the choice to endorse an experienced financial duo.....Romney and Ryan....or the smooth talker who now resides in the White House.
Mike August 20, 2012 at 02:12 PM
This is an opinion piece, which you are entitled to. But, it is a grave diservice to the community when you attempt to deceive readers by positioning your opinion as if it were factually correct. Perhaps even worse, you chose inflammatory language to incite hate and anger. Coming from someone who in the past has told us of his tolerance and how we all need to be mindful of how we speak, I find it quite hypocritical.
Robert Smith August 20, 2012 at 03:02 PM
If we want to discuss facts here are some. Paul Ryan voted for every single Bush proposal that added trillions to the deficit including, but not limited to: Two unfunded trillion dollar wars, two unfunded trillion dollar tax cuts for the richest Americans, and an unfunded Medicare donut hole, that prevented Medicare from negotiating with the pharmaceutical industry handing that industry huge profits at the expense of senior citizens. What does this so called deficit hawk's budget actually include? The answer is $4.3 Trillion in tax cuts (most for wealthiest) which are offset w/ $1.7 Trillion in spending cuts on programs for the most vulnerable Americans which if you do the math actually adds $2.5 Trillion to the deficit. More corporate welfare and adding that much to the budget does not translate in any stretch to fiscal responsibility, limited government or free market principles.
Mary August 20, 2012 at 03:31 PM
Michael Connelly, a retired attorney and Constitutional Law Instructor from Carrollton, Texas has read the entire bill…unlike our “representatives”…here is his summation… http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=238654
Vanessa Green August 20, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Joseph another well written blog, don't let some of the above folks stop you from truth telling. You go Joe Coe!!!
Mike August 21, 2012 at 12:14 AM
Please edify us by pointing out which one of Mr. Coe's statements is true: 1)Romney and Ryan want us to come back to the time where women and people of color can’t vote 2)Romney and Ryan want us to come back to a time where people die from illness because they are dropped from their insurance due to pre-existing conditions 3)Romney and Ryan want woman to use cost hangars. 4)Romney and Ryan don't value seniors. Please Vanessa, provide us all with credible, independent sources to validate these statements.
Mary August 21, 2012 at 04:03 PM
It would be nice, Mr. Coe, if you would back up your statements with facts…but, I don't believe that there are facts available to you that would support your comments. Liberals/progressives just spew these types of statements and parrot whatever is said on MSNBC. Your article is insulting to the intelligence of the Patch audience. If you want to have a discussion on issues, then let's have a discussion...no need for your hateful tone. “Suppress the votes of people of color...”? What about the New Black Panthers intimidation of voters in Philadelphia during the 2008 election? Who was engaging in voter suppression then? If we're blessed, this healthcare bill will be repealed. This bill is nothing more than a power grab by our government and redistribution of OUR wealth through taxes and "fees". 135 new agencies/committees will be created that will decide our fate, services will be reduced, doctors will be forced to perform procedures they don’t agree with, people will be MANDATED to purchase health insurance, small business owners will be FORCED to provide insurance for their employees, the list goes on and on. The healthcare law MANDATES that we, as well as religious institutions, pay for contraceptives and sterilization procedures, whether or not it's against our religious beliefs. We don't have a CHOICE...our FREEDOM to choose has been taken from us. I would suggest, Mr. Coe, that you educate yourself on the contents of the healthcare bill.
Walt August 21, 2012 at 05:06 PM
How the Patch allows Mr Coe gets away with this type of bomb throwing blogging is a mystery to me. He must not have to adhere to the same TOS that the rest of us need to. I'd be surprised if my post doesn't get censored again!
Christopher Smith August 21, 2012 at 07:29 PM
Joe, Keep up the good work! Faux and Friends are the ones inciting hate and anger against our president. Just remember that W. and his wonderful economic policies put us in this position. The stock market and finanicial sector crashed thanks to the Republicans and the elmination of Glass-Stegall which allowed these so called "To big to fail" instiutions to get even bigger by merging all banking, brokerage, mortgage, etc under one roof. All that my friends are FACTS!
Walt August 22, 2012 at 12:20 AM
Yeah, Um Chris, Bush isn't President anymore, he's been out for almost 4 years. What has obama done to address these so called GOP abominations? Oh yeah, his Justice Department declined to prosecute Goldman Sachs for betting against the same subprime mortgage securities it was selling to clients and also let Jon Corzine off the hook in the MF Global scandal after losing track of $1.2 Billion. All that my friend are FACTS! Selective outrage much?
Jane September 01, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Joe-You are very misinformed.


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