The Haverstraw Desalination Plant - More than Meets the Eye

Haverstraw Desalination Plant - More than Meets the Eye

How is the Haverstraw desalination plant related to the United Nations program of Agenda 21 (known in the United States as "Smart Growth" or "Sustainable Development"?)

United Nations Agenda 21, a global agreement signed by George H Walker Bush, never ratified by the Senate, and implemented by President Clinton through the creation of the President's Council for Sustainable Development in the early 1990s (creating what is known as "soft law") is all about control of land and resources, not about saving the environment, as some claim.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, the former Executive Director of HUD, and one of the original members of the President's Council for Sustainable Development is implementing this UN initiative on the State level under his program called "The New NY".  Governor Cuomo fully supports the building of the Haverstraw desalination plant, even though over 20,000 local citizens are opposing it.

UN Agenda 21 has been implemented since the early 1990s and is a violation of both the 5th and 10th amendments to the US Constitution.  It is being fully implemented in Rockland County and affects private property rights.  Both the Towns of Clarkstown and Orangetown are members of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, the organization responsible for implementing Agenda 21 on a local level, a United Nations organization.  The County of Rockland and all five Towns are implementing this agenda through the creation of their Comprehensive Plan which is costing the taxpayers of Rockland County millions of dollars.

The building of the desalination plant in Haverstraw (in an area that receives 40-50 inches of rain a year) is a perfect example of this.  Desalination plants are usually built in areas that are dry and receive very little rain.

UN Agenda 21 says, Chapter 18.12(j) states:

All States, according to their capacity and available resources, and through bilateral or multilateral cooperation, including the United Nations and other relevant organizations as appropriate, could implement the following activities to improve integrated water resources management: {NOTICE: It says resources "MANAGEMENT"}

... (j) Development of new and alternative sources of water-supply such as seawater desalination, artificial groundwater recharge, use of marginal-quality water, waste-water reuse and water recycling...


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Issy November 24, 2012 at 09:04 PM
This article like that of 'Manna-jo' makes no sense whatsoever. The need for additional water supply is driven by the NY PSC and any this nonsense about agenda 21 is just that, nonsense. Additional it should be noted that UWNJ will not benefit from the desalination plant simply because the discharge from Lake Deforest is limited by the DEC and UWNY can not just increase the flow, which can not exceed the watershed supply of 19.75mg/day Sadly it is article like this that ignore the fact that UW is mandated by the PSC to develop additional water supply that makes the 'nodesal' people look disorganised and fragmented.
Irene Tiburcio November 24, 2012 at 10:54 PM
In my opinion we have no water shortage in Rockland co. Therefore a desal plant is not necessary or feasible to the residents. The 40 to 50 inches of rain we receive yearly is sufficient and anyone who denies this fact is not telling the truth. The people in this comment thread who use attack tactics are obviously in support of UN Agenda 21 and believe that in creating a water crisis that does not exist will help push their agenda forward are the real created problem.
elizabeth mclaughlin November 25, 2012 at 01:45 AM
Australia did the same and they have high water charges and leaking pipes all over to the point that the govt has to sue the company to a tune of millions. Learn by others very expensive mistakes. Ban UN Agenda 21, ICLEI.
CR November 25, 2012 at 02:03 AM
Irene - thankfully Rockland's water needs are not determined by "your opinion." The need for additional supply was declared by the New York State PSC and supported by Dr. Dan Miller who is the Bureau Head for the Water Supply Bureau of the Rockland County Department of Health. His opinion is what counts regarding water supply issues in the County, not yours.
John Taggart November 25, 2012 at 09:29 AM
I don't know what UN ajenda 21 is but if its from the UN I don't like it. As for water, we don't drink the rain. Nothing gets through the tap without processing and filtering. In the past 12 months a pumper truck was needed to fight a fire in ramapo due to low pressure.....why didn't the rain help? Why dosen't the tap pressure increase with rain fall? More rain more water right? No need for treatment plants. It just seeps into your faucet from the lawn ..right? We have a shortage of potable water. While yes its the rain that fills the wells and in part the resivoir and the river that feeds the res. Rockland is too large to rely entirly on rain for its water, thats dangerously poor planning, and what we can process out of the wells and res is limitted The drought patterns that are over other parts of the country now may very well move over us. The only source of water that is entirly uneffected by weather is the Hudson ...
John Taggart November 25, 2012 at 09:59 AM
Enjoy drinking from your rain barrel Lynn. I preferr processed water from a constant and renewable source. The rain patterns of today are not the rain patterns of yesterday or tomarrow. The fire departments have been complaining about pressure for a while know . 20.000 people who have been constantly lied to by riverkeeper , senic hudson and preserve ramapo need to be appologized to by these power hungry enviro groups. Lying to people with made up enviromental impacts of major projects is their bread and butter. Keeping natural gas out of Weschester is a good example. We get 40 inches of rain now, not garanteed always and forever, and the rain is just a step in how water gets to the tap There will be local water plants and local power plants ( no lines from canada). We will be independant and supply ourselves with what we need. When you mention Clarkstown I think of that foolish solar farm deal they made, but tying the water plant to the UN sounds wacky conspiritorial. We will not conserve what is in abundance just to make some stupid enviro statement, designed to please some out of touch old hippy. The price will not be that much higher...its a quarterly bill.. where was the outrage when the county taxed heating and cooling by 4% monthly? Rockland has more than trippled in size since the res was built, with no future planning. Wells in ramapo are feeding off each other. Cut the crap and use our best source...THE HUDSON RIVER...
Donna Smith November 25, 2012 at 11:06 PM
Oh sure, Hudson River water is just what I want to drink. Samples from the river contain radioactive strontium 90 and tritium from Indian Point which cannot be removed by desalination. During this past year toxins leached into the river from a Westchester paint factory fire. Add to that diesel fuel from boats and ships and frequent raw sewerage leaks, one which almost cancelled the Ironman competition back in September. After hurricane Sandy, Riverkeeper documented "seeing 55 gallon drums and quart-sized containers of transmission fluid floating in the river. Also spotted was fuel leaking from wrecked boats and swamped vehicles." Yep, Hudson River water is what I want for my drinking water!
Issy November 25, 2012 at 11:47 PM
ust more scare tactics. Strontium 90 is removed and levels of tritium are so low that even if you drank the water next to the nuclear power plant for a lifetime you would not get a dose any higher than you do from a single MRI or transatlantic flight. All water is recycled as part of the natural process and desalination accelerates this process while removing all of the harmful toxins and exceeding current drinking water levels. In the event of a nuclear leak, toxic waste or hurricane the plant would simply stop until the danger has passed.
John Taggart November 25, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Wast water reuse, ie sewage, is exactly what riverkeeper wanted to be used for drinking. For political reasons, ie people like you they dropped it. Most of what you cite will come out in the filtering. You dont see the lawn chemicals and underground septic going into the resivior but its there. As for the rest its less than nothing compaired to everyday exposures. We reap what we sow. Don't let rivercreapers jackass "patrol" boats and silly pics fool you the river is in great shape, and we need to use it.
Dennis November 26, 2012 at 11:35 AM
Desalination is not new technology and the Hudson River is a vital resource and after visiting the pilot plant I fully support United Waters proposal to build the plant. Dennis W. Hardy-Former Mayor-Village of Piermont
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