'I'd Like to See This ... Law Go Away'

Who should make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame, marriage counseling, and gas price-gouging are just some of the topics that lit up the Patch comments board last week.

Here are comments from some of the Patch stories that got people talking last week:

Describe the Village in One Word

"Dust off the $25,000 Saccardi & Schiff report of over a decade ago which exhaustively studied the Village and issued a comprehensive plan for its revitalization. If that doesn't suit you then there was the Columbia University report and we can go back to 1990 to the Burkhurst, Fish study. But let's stop this nonsense. We have the reports, we have the plans. Implement them." -- Ann Fanizzi

"No way should they be allowed in the Hall of Fame. For the question begs , would they even have had the records to qualify if not for the drugs and I believe that answer to be a resounding No! As for it bothering me ? I leave that to the families of the legitimate Farmers who made the game the one that I love. Thanks for the article, keep them coming!" -- Josie Mundy

... and ... 

"As a baseball fan, I find the discussion of whether past players deserve future rewards despite allegedly partaking in unfavorable substances which may or may not have been explicitly prohibited at the time to be boring. Today I learned that current NFL players may be using Viagra to get themselves "up" to enhance their performances. Today's rumors are tomorrow's controversies. In 2025, are we going to debate whether Peyton Manning deserves HoF status because he allegedly took Viagra in 2012 as a Denver Bronco, even though Viagra is not illegal and is not banned by the NFLPA agreements in 2012? Players in the WWII era drank excessive amounts of coffee, in the 60's took 'greenies', in the 70's and 80's used cocaine, recent players have used steroids and who knows what tomorrow's players will abuse. The leagues must determine the issues contemporaneous to the risk and protect against further abuse, not retroactively chastise fifty and sixty year old men for what they did years ago. Times change, medicines change, knowledge changes, and we can't hold past players to account for unproven violations of rules that weren't enacted at the time. Only Bud Selig should be banned from the Baseball HoF for transgressions during the steroid era as MLB's commissioner at the time. He dragged his feet in getting testing requirements into MLB's agreements with its players until more than a decade after the question was brought to the table." -- RAZ1969

Election Day Problems For Voters & With Poll Workers

"I can understand something like this happening someplace down south or in Arizona, but here in Rockland?? I think these poll watchers should be checked out more carefully - and there are signs saying no electioneering within a certain number of feet near polls. Police or officials should be called if this is going on. Also, no way should a television set be tuned to any news stations at all in the place where people are voting. That definitely seems wrong - whether it's MSNBC or FOX. The election commission possibly be providing a light lunch for their poll workers. When they signed up for this work, which they are paid for, they should bring food and drink for themselves. If it's too much for them, don't sign up. Also, have a carefully drawn list of subs, in case of failure to show up as a poll watcher. Maybe they need more retraining in the future. And maybe these are close friends or allies of candidates, in which case they shouldn't even be there at all. And perhaps having foreign speakers available might be a good idea." -- Judy Kurland

Sewing Store No More

"Locally, it's hard to find a good variety of material & sewing supplies. So I was happy to patronize the Singer Sewing Center; especially knowing the iconic Singer brand. I'm very sad to see it go. All the best to the Amon family." -- Anita Wallace

Assumption School on NY Archdiocese Chopping Block

"Really a shame the Archdiocese is being so short-sighted to close the school. It's a huge mistake that the Catholic church is making all over the country. As far as the implications for Peekskill taxpayers-- there will be 200 more students in the school district at a cost per pupil of what- $7000? I'm not sure what the district CPP is, but do the math. And that would be for a regular student, without "special needs" which is considerably more expensive." -- Patty Villanova

NY State Probes Post-Hurricane Sandy Gas Price-Gouging Complaints

"The notion of price gouging during a shortage is an invention. Let prices adjust and the temporary lines would have disappeared. The people in greatest need would have gotten gas at a higher price. I'd like to see this stupid law go away." -- SPK

How do You Know You're Fighting Fair in Your Marriage

"If you're in couples therapy, most likely your relationship is over. I've found couples therapy to be a big waste of time. Be curious to know if there is any documented studies or stats on the percentage of couples who stay together following therapy?" -- Thalia Thompson

... and ... 

"Relationship over if you're in couples therapy? And here I was thinking that NOT considering therapy would be the signal that the relationship was over. I do believe that therapy, as well as many other things, is relative and obviously, like many other things, works for some but not for others. I myself have thought about couples therapy for quite a long time. The only thing holding me back is the cost really! My parents went to couples therapy and with the therapy and other influences, they were able to work through most of their issues. Were they perfect? No but I don't think that's the goal. Sometimes having that 3rd point of view can make all the difference. I applaud and support any couple/family/individual that turns to therapy. I can't snub my nose at someone trying to help me with anything." -- Elizabeth

Editor's Note: Comments have been edited for spelling and grammar. 


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