Opinion: Pomona Fireworks Too Frequent, Loud

A letter to the editor on ballpark firework displays

To the editor:

Once the Fourth of July has come and gone, the fireworks are over.

Or are they?

Ever since Provident Bank Park opened for Rockland County Baseball fans, we have had fourth of July celebrations with every game. While I can understand the excitement of having this new field in the county and the ability to see the Rockland Boulders play, I am not as happy about the fireworks display that accompanies each game. Living in New City I am amazed at how clear and loud the displays are, considering they are set off in Pomona.

They are so loud that they initially prompted me to call the police as it set all the neighborhood dogs barking and I thought it was gunshots. My friends in the Pomona area have said it is even more horrendous for them. I do not understand why, surrounded by a residential community they are allowed to have these nightly "events" and they are not held for special occasions only.

They happen after 10 p.m., and besides waking some of us up and upsetting the residents who hear them too sharply, they also set off a chain reaction of barking, growling and anxiety amongst our dogs which takes quite awhile to settle down.

I am all for fun and celebrations, but this has become too frequent, too disruptive, too loud and a source of noise pollution to the rest of us. I am sure a compromise could be worked out, but as for now this is very inconsiderate of all residents within earshot of field.

-SK, New City

SK, New City July 03, 2012 at 10:52 PM
Oh if it were occasional that would be ok...it is not and I am not in Pomona and the noise is so loud that it scared me the first time I heard it. Our dogs in the neighboring areas go crazy and bark non stop. There are other ways to increase attendence. In fact if the fireworks were less frequent people might like to see them! Right now they are so often, who cares?? I have no problem with the field and the Boulders...they just need to do something about the fireworls going off so s loud and so often....absence makes the heart grow fonder!
Clarkstown life July 04, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Fireworks once a season.....that's the answer.....you should be a marketing manager for the boulders
Donna July 04, 2012 at 02:27 PM
I don't think ANYONE said "fireworks once a season"....where'd you come up with that???? Obviously more interested in the almighty buck and NO interest in the poor animals that cannot "plan accordingly" ...smh!
Berti July 05, 2012 at 06:46 AM
Donna, I'm with you and the others who expressed concern about the dogs, but your special mention of the dogs and other animals at Hi-Tor is especially poignant. Those animals in the shelter have been abandoned, neglected, injured, beaten, or worse in some cases and now to be there at night with fireworks several nights a week is cruel punishment for these helpless souls. I already have 2 rescue dogs; and, fortunately we live far enough away from the illegally constructed Boulders stadium. St. (HA!) Lawrence went ahead and built even after the referendum was voted down! And the cost overruns were exorbitant, and you know that we are paying for it now! Some of us won't go to the games because we are boycotting the whole existence of the stadium. It is a crying and barking shame!
Susan C Montemorano July 05, 2012 at 12:01 PM
To me it seems the fireworks are louder this year than last year. Even with the a/c on and all windows closed. I find it very annoying but what is worst is that it shows that the Boulders Management and the Town of Ramapo really does not care about it's neighbors and the tax payers who were forced to finance this 70Million project. Just another day in crooked Ramapo politics - what's new?


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