Business: 'Gold' is in, 'Gray' is out

Gold Rush of Morristown open for business; boutique appears gone after only a few months.

Welcome, readers, to what is now officially called the "Morristown Business Roundup." What began as a constantly-reoccurring "Question of the Day" has evolved, as the Morristown business landscape continuously evolves. So, be sure to check in here for Morristown business updates.

While whenever this article posts to the site, it's usually announcing a new business. But, not always. Sometimes, it's also to announce a business that has shuttered this doors.

It was that Morristown Patch announced the opening of , a fine leather handbag store on Speedwell Avenue. While unconfirmed, it appears the store has now closed, as its showroom has been completely cleaned out. The number listed as Gray Lily's also bore no fruit, as it has been disconnected.

While Gray Lily appears to have disappeared from the Morristown business landscape, several others aim to take its place.

Nearby on Speedwell Avenue, Gold Rush of Morristown–a gold and silver buyer–is open and ready for your finest metals.

The Original Music School, formerly of Cedar Knolls, has moved to 26 Morris St., the former home of the Milk Money children's clothing consignment shop.

And, right next to OMS, it appears a new dining destination might be in the works. The Grilled Cheese Factory, at the moment, is still empty, and the website attached to the name is still unused. But, as anyone knows, grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food (especially when paired with a nice, hot bowl of tomato soup). As soon as we know any new information on this potentially-tasty new business, we'll let you know.

Previous posts:

  • Over the past several months, it became obvious Morristown was about to become a hub for frozen yogurt lovers, as not one, not two, but three of the businesses were set to open within our three-square-miles of heaven. On Nov. 27, first blood (or, in this case, first froyo) was drawn . Two more–Cups and Strawberry Fields–also are poised to call South Street home.
  • Meanwhile, another new South Street business, Millie's Old World Meatballs and Pizza, was set to appear before the Planning Board on Thursday, Dec. 1 (see the PDF included with this article for the complete Planning Board agenda).
  • We recently interviewed the owners of the soon-to-open Top This, a women's boutique, which will be located next to . They, too, will soon have a lot of competition, as two other women's boutiques (Cheeks and Willow St. Boutique) are set to open sometime soon on South Street (more on those two below). We'll include a link to our profile on Top This once it's up on the site.
  • The Jury Box, at the corner of Washington and Court, is not yet ready for business. However, getting into the holiday, the proprietors left a seasonal note on one of the store's windows, to let everyone know they're coming soon.
  • Much of Spring Street is quiet, with a number of industries businesses of years past shuttered, and only a few shops and organizations active there, under the shadow of the back of Headquarters Plaza. That is expected to soon change, as a sign advertising a coming Portuguese Barbecue restaurant has appeared outside the former .
  • Meanwhile, Don's Burgers months ago put up its "Coming Soon" sign next to the . And, then, silence. Amidst that sign, and wood blocking the entrance, nothing much seemed to happen. That is, until early November, when the wood was finally removed, to reveal a set of doors, which carne carnivores likely hope will soon say "Now Open!" in Morristown.
  • While heading down Speedwell Avenue this week to get at , the color orange in an unfamiliar spot caught our eye. Pan Casero (973-998-9800), at 199 Speedwell Ave., opened for business on Sunday, Oct. 23, and offers, according to its business card, "bakery and fast food." It also offers empanadas, so places like now have a little extra competition.
  • that the uniquely-named Another 24 Hours, on Morris Street, was expected to become the more-familiar 7-Eleven this fall. Finally, earlier this week, the familiar sign seen the world over appeared on the storefront, along with some additional branding (including coffee cups and the ominous "Big Bite is Coming" poster in the window). Much remains the same at the moment, as the owners complete the transition.
  • In addition, on South Street, not one, but two new boutiques are expected to open soon–right next to each other. Signs have appeared for Willow St. Boutique, taking the space of the former Nonchalance, , leaving many in a lurch.
  • Next to Willow St. Boutique–which advertises on its sign another location in Summit–Cheeks Boutique is slated to open. Cheeks, in the place of the former Wilson's Interiors, advertises itself as "chic" and "exotic." Its website notes a South Orange location.
  • Over on Washington Street, work continues at The Jury Box, a bagel, deli and grill eatery.
  • Recently, Morristown Patch received a "tweet" on our Twitter page from something called "Cafe on the Green," whose owners have begun the process of gutting and rebuilding the space at 28 West Park Place, once home to Godiva Chocolate–but, for a long time now an empty space. According to their Twitter page (and newly-launched Facebook page), the cafe plans to serve "homemade gelato and ice cream, artisan-roasted organic coffee and more."
  • a little while back –including popular destinations like and –which even now is becoming out of date. Several signs have appeared up and down South Street promoting soon-to-open businesses, including a burger joint next to The Community Theatre, a kebab place that until finding a new owner and not one, but two (Update: Actually, now it's three) frozen yogurt shops (is frozen yogurt the new cupcake?).
  • Recently, another sign popped up, this time for Millie's Old World Meatballs and Pizza, specializing, according to its website, Neapolitan and coal fired pizza. They will have a lot of competition, however, as many pizza joints already call Morristown home, including the recently-opened , located just down the street.
  • And recently, , which had been planned by another business owner last year, finally opened its doors to hungry customers.
kristen sauter November 17, 2011 at 10:21 PM
Totally agree!! I would love to open up a juice/smoothie whole food plant based cafe in Morristown. Something like Organic Avenue or the Juice Press in NYC. Health Shoppe is ok but juice could be so much better freshly pressed. Refridgerated section with prepared salads, wraps, ect. to grab and go. And a area to sit and eat if desired. All these restaurants/ice cream joints popping up are all so unhealthy. People want to be healthy it is too bad Morristown can't provide more opportunities for poeple to explore.
Dana Holmes November 21, 2011 at 04:55 PM
Kristin - give the Health Shoppe another look. They juice their fruit and veggies right in front of you. Its a bit on the expensive side, but I imagine its expensive for them to keep all that fresh food around. They have a grab and go section, too, as well as a counter were you can get them to make you a sandwich or a hot meal to go. There is some seating, but its not very comfy. This only applies to the Health Shoppe in Morristown. Their other branches are just vitamin depots.
JessieLee Friedman November 21, 2011 at 05:51 PM
Claire December 05, 2011 at 02:11 PM
Retail, Retail, Retail!!!!!!!!!!!!! What would be perfect is a smaller version of Epsteins...including the greeting card dept., gift and housewares department and the shoe department! I miss that! No more ice cream/yogurt shops!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many it will be a sure sign of failure for some. Will they ALL be able to survive!
Warren Bobrow December 05, 2011 at 02:16 PM
no mall stores. they suck the life out of the down-towns. just look at Westfield. A parody of the term "Town Center".


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