Readers Respond to "Harlem Shake" Hockey Video

Readers offered mixed reactions to the South Orangetown and Nyack School Districts determining that the video posted online by members of the combined Nyack-Tappan Zee Hockey team violated the athletic code of conduct.

South Orangetown School District officials released a statement Tuesday regarding the circumstances leading to the combined Nyack-Tappan Zee High School hockey team forfeiting a Section 1 playoff game Sunday. 

Coaches and administrators in Nyack and South Orangetown investigated a video posted by members of the team online that they found to violate the athletic code of conduct. At least 11 players were suspended from competition, leaving the team short of the 10 required to play.

Patch readers offered a mixed response, some supporting the decision while other claimed that the punishment was too severe.

"The punishment doled out to the kids was overkill and totally inappropriate. If we want our children to be creative, innovative and confident we must stop trying to control them and beat them down for simply being teenagers. For all the nudity that we are exposed to regularly w/o parental screening or viewing what occurred inn this video is no worse than when adults go skinny dipping after a party. The kids should be allowed to play hockey and let's focus on more important things like the non-stop drug trade that takes place behind the Orangeburg Post Office."

- Barry Silverman

"Total overkill. Not only did you punish those who were involved, you also punished the ones who weren't by forfeiting the game. Disgraceful."

- Reality

"I see nothing wrong with the punishment. When you play a school sport, you are representing the school. This video was disgusting and in poor taste. Is this they way we should believe Nyack and TZ school are? If so, than I agree, the punishment was not warranted. But if you do not believe this is a good representation of either school, than the punishment was fair. They didn't penalize the entire team, but because of league rules, the playoff game had to be forfeited."

- Anonymous

"The punishment was hard, but appropriate. Maybe they will realize posting things online can have ramifications. They are all aware of the code of conduct and receive a book at the beginning of the season. In addition, they need to remember they are representing the school, their teams, their families, and most importantly themselves." 

- James Bond

"I'm not outraged by their actions. Yes, it's marginally offensive, but not terribly so and could easily have been written off as a harmless prank. However, these boys obviously agreed to a certain code of conduct in order to be a member of this team. If they violated that agreement, then the punishment was deserved. It is time that we teach our children that actions have consequences. Unfortunately, it's a lesson they are not taught often enough these days, thanks to hovering parents and a litigious society.

"And if you think that the school board's decision was unfair? Guess what? Life is not fair, and that's a lesson this generation needs to learn as well. My children are in college now, and I am appalled at how entitled some of their friends feel. I do feel very bad for those kids who worked hard and didn't have anything to do with this had to forfeit the game, too, but that's part of being a team, another important lesson."

- Maryann 

To read the full report and all of the comments so far, click here. 

Frank Heppie February 21, 2013 at 03:42 PM
What a joke complaining of this.....is it perfect? no.............but move on to a bigger issue like everyones TAXES are doubling every few years - then less people will move here and guess what........your taxes will triple cause lord knows Gromack and hiss cronies are not here to save you one dime!!!! I have an idea lets hire MORE police and give out more pensions to all town employees - not to mention that zebrowskis wife was just given a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet JOB!
I Said It February 21, 2013 at 04:01 PM
Todays climate of inclusion does not absolve society of appropriate standards of morality. It is not the idea of dancing hockey players that is objectionable....perhaps you have overlooked the irreverant display of simulated mastubation as well as other acts that are best saved for the privacy of one's home. As I clearly stated, it was immature and harmlessly intended, and yes, they have rights as well. By posting it online, they decided to open themselves up to judgement of others. You seemed to have missed the point of my comment by instead isolating a specific line out of context. Masked behavior speaks to a unwillingness to be identified....it is our responsibility to teach our children to behave in a way that makes them proud to own their behavior and be identified. I suspect you are a wolf in sheeps clothes.
what is beyond normal is the code enforcer and the cop who resigned for cough cough 4 hours of overtime together had in 2012?????close to 150,000 in overtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 employess sucking the money out of the clowntown coffers at what close to 3,000 a week just for overtime?????????????that to many is a serious problem...has anyone asked what are the collective totals for overtime in this circus town???i bet close to 20 million..who knows maybe 30 million...and now you said Zebrow just got his wifey a job???so typical...if they had a skit on SNL of this county and town I could envision all the actors walking around with 2 straws sicking out of their noses and 5 in their mouths looking to suck up everything in site!!!!!add big red flapping shoes and we are right on target!!!!
Alice February 21, 2013 at 11:42 PM
The school district acted appropriately. This was not just a bunch of school kids being creative. They were mocking a culture in Harlem. This is not the Harlem Shake. Many members of the Harlem community were offended by this racist depiction of a very skillful, rhythmic dance. When they labeled what they were doing the Harlem Shake they were perpetuating a racial stereotype. Perhaps if they wanted to be creative they could have called the movements in the video the Orangetown Shake. Would residents of Orangetown be proud of them ? I don't think so. Residents of Harlem are not proud of them either.
Dan February 23, 2013 at 03:18 PM
Total Over Reaction to suspend these kids. People are doing the Harlem Shake Video's all over the country and they were just being silly and having fun. I dont find it offensive at all. WE have much bigger fish to fry then this and our administrators should focus a lot more on finding ways to get kids focused on learning then punishing creativity.


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