Early Morning West Nyack Fires Under Investigation

The Clarkstown Police Department is investigating two early morning fires that officials say are suspicious. 

Shortly after 7:00 AM a resident called 911 after observing smoke coming from a second floor window at 144 West Nyack Road, West Nyack. The Nanuet Fire Department responded to extinguish the fire. 

The abandoned building sustained minimal damage. An inspection showed several areas on the first floor and second floors were lit on fire.

Later Friday morning, at approximately 9:15 AM, a construction worker at 58 Wolfe Circle, West Nyack discovered several areas inside the building were lit on fire. The fire had already been extinguished at time of the discovery.

Both fires are being investigated by the Clarkstown Police Arson Investigation Unit.  The Clarkstown Fire Inspector and the Rockland County Arson Unit were also on the scene Friday morning.

The Clarkstown Police Department is asking anyone with information regarding these arsons to contact them at 845-639-5800 or on the anonymous TIPS line at 1-877-639-6233.

Editor's note: Information about the start of the fires was incorrect and the attribution was incorrect in the original version of this report. Patch regrets the error. 

StandfortheLord July 14, 2014 at 10:48 AM
I believe the Nanuet fire was the OLD Clarkstown Police headquarters on the corner of West Nyack road and rt 304. Old-timer Rocklanders will remember that.


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