Woman Gets 9 Years In Prison For Looting Congers Home

Yonkers resident and her boyfriend were caught emptying home of Congers man killed in motorcycle accident.

A Yonkers woman convicted in the looting of a Congers home after the owner was killed in a motorcycle crash in 2010 has been sentenced to nine years in state prison.

Paula Izurieta, 30, 17 Smart Ave., Yonkers, was convicted by a Rockland County jury in New City of two counts of second-degree burglary. In addition to her prison sentence, Izurieta and was ordered to pay $1,000 in restitution for items stolen from the home of Richard Serpico that were not recovered.

Ivan John Murat of Valley Cottage, who was arrested by Clarkstown police with Izurieta, has already pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary and was sentenced to four years in state prison on Dec. 1, 2010.

The arrests of Izurieta and her boyfriend, Murat, last year stunned members of the Congers community who were already grieving over the death of Richard Serpico, 33, who was killed in a motorcycle accident on July 16, 2010, on the Congers Road causeway, which crosses Lake DeForest reservoir to connect Congers and New City.

Izurieta and Murat were accused of twice burglarizing Serpico’s Chauncy Street home.

On July 17, 2010, at about 10:30 p.m., Izurieta entered Serpico’s home through a basement window and unlocked the front door for Murat. The pair was seen by the resident of a nearby home as they were loading property from Serpico’s home into a black Ford sedan owned by Izurieta.

The looted items included towels, sheets, a computer, a Playstation, video games, wine and liquor. The next day, the pair returned and was spotted by another neighbor, who called and friend who in turn called Serpico’s brother-in-law.

Murat and Izurieta were preparing to leave with another carload of stolen electronics and personal items when Serpico’s brother-in-law arrived and confronted them — keeping them at the home until police arrived.

District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said Murat and Izurieta were seen removing televisions from their storage units and using laundry baskets to gather other small items from throughout the Serpico residence.

A search of Murat’s vehicle by Clarkstown police officers revealed numerous items from Serpico’s home, including computers, component wiring, DVDs, electronic games, clothing, alcohol, sunglasses, toiletries, sheets and towels. A search of Murat’s residence also recovered numerous items stolen from the Serpico residence.

Izurieta was living with Murat during this time period. Izurieta was convicted on April 5.


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