Aggressive Asian Tiger Mosquito Found In Rockland

Mosquito can transmit viruses such as West Nile.


The aggressive Asian Tiger Mosquito has been found in Rockland County and the public is asked to be proactive and eliminate breeding sites. Residents and business owners should follow the Mosquito Control Program recommended by the county's Department of Health. Larvicide for use in pools is available from the department.  

The Asian Tiger is known to be an aggressive daytime biter and can transmit viruses, such as West Nile, and cause heartworm in dogs and cats.  The mosquito’s name comes from its black and white striped appearance and similar to most of the species, the Asian Tiger lays its eggs in standing water. 

It is necessary to empty any containers that hold standing water in order to prevent mosquitos from breeding and the  population from increasing. 

"Mosquitoes lay eggs in containers that hold water, so it is important that people regularly toss standing water that accumulates in flower pots, bird baths, garbage cans, tarps and any other containers that are kept outside," said Legislator Philip Soskin of Monsey, chairman of the Multi Services Committee. "Removal of old tires is especially important.  Upwards of 400,000 mosquitoes can develop in the standing water within a tire in a season.”

Soskin added that pool owners need to be mindful to place Mosquito
Dunks® in their pools during the months the pools are covered and not in
use.  Mosquito Dunks®, a biological larvicide manufactured in the shape
of a donut, are available to pool owners free of charge from the County
Health Department.  Additional information about the Mosquito Control
Program can be found on the county website www.rocklandgov.com/health or
by calling 845-364-3173.

Soskin said, “Our health department has begun an aggressive public
awareness campaign and continues to monitor known breeding sites such as
swamps, ditches, retention and catch basins. However, they do need the
assistance of the public to remove all standing water or eliminate the
cause of standing water."


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