Carlucci Introduces 5-Point Jobs Plan

Senator David Carlucci joined with local business leaders to introduce five measures designed to increase business growth in New York.

One reason Senator David Carlucci chose the Nice-Pak, Inc. facility in Orangeburg to announce his five-point jobs plan Thursday is its location near the border with New Jersey.

Carlucci focused on helping New York find a competitive advantage with neighboring states as one of the keys to helping boost businesses in the state and create more jobs.

"We're here to talk about how we believe we can grow New York State's economy," Carlucci said. "We are here at Nice-Pak because this is a perfect example of a business with great jobs that delivers a great product to our community and the world. We're right on the border with New Jersey. We have to talk about how New York can have a competitive advantage in this global economy. We're competing with New Jersey.  We're competing with Connecticut. We have to be proactive in our tax policies and our regulatory policies."

According to the New York State Department of Labor, unemployment in New York reached 9.1% for August 2012, higher than the national average. The rate is 7.5% for Rockland, Westchester and Putnam Counties combined, an increase from 6.7% the previous August.

"I've said before that all I want to do is make burritos. Can't I just make burritos," said Max Crisp, owner of American Burrito in New City. "In reality, no, I can't just make burritos. I have to worry about hiring. I have to worry about investments. I have to worry about product. The senator is rolling out a five-point plan that is going to help me do that."

The five points are as follows:

  • Tax Cuts -- Carlucci supports legislation that would cut taxes for small businesses from 6.5% to 5.2%. He also continues to call for the MTA tax to be completely repealed. 
  • Tax Credits - Carlucci is pushing for legislation that would provide tax incentives up to $10,000 for any business hiring an unemployed New Yorker, with additional benefits for hiring veterans.
  • Regulation Reform -- Carlucci is calling for state regulations to be simplified and reformed to be more business-friendly.
  • Energy Costs -- Carlucci argued for repealing the 18-a assessment against utility companies, saying that the costs are just passed along to local businesses and consumers. He also stressed the importance of investing in finding alternative energy sources. 
  • Job Promotion -- Carlucci said he will work to make sure technology is used to connect job seekers with potential employers.

"Senator Carlucci's jobs plan is a solid proposal that will ensure communities like New City attract new businesses and ultimately expand our local tax base," New City Chamber of Commerce President Steve Weissblatt.

Carlucci said there is bipartisan support in Albany for the measures he is suggesting. 

"Many of the pieces of legislation we talked about today, we’ve already passed in the Senate," Carlucci said. "We need to work to pass them in the Assembly." 

One of those bills would phase the 18-A Assessment out by 2014. 

"That will be a dramatic help to small businesses and industry in New York and all rate payers," Carlucci said.

Carlucci invited local business leaders to join him Thursday, including Crisp, Weissblatt, Nice-Pak Chairman Robert Julius and Pearl River Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Hardy.

"I am supportive of any initiative that has a chance of moving the economy forward, especially in our own community," Hardy said. "Small business in this country has suffered enough and it is time for government to recognize the incredible burden placed on small business and seek ways to allow us the freedom to drive the economy back to prosperity."

"Senator Carlucci's proposed legislation is designed to encourage employment in New York by helping small businesses, which are the heart of our economy, as well as incentivize businesses to hire veterans," Julius said. "His ongoing efforts to make New York State an easier and better place to do business are commendable. Eliminating wasteful laws and updating legislation to make owning and operating a business here less difficult should be a primary focus of our government. Senator Carlucci is at the leading edge of this. He knows that this results in the growth of jobs in New York State and increases in tax revenue paid by successful businesses here."

One bill Gov. Andrew Cuomo already signed into law allows small businesses to petition the state to reconsider existing regulations.

"Right now, it is a five-year period before (a regulation) can be opened up and reviewed," Carlucci said. "We want to shorten that period so when there are advancements in technology or advancement in best practices, we can be sure it implement those in our rules and procedures."

The MTA payroll tax has already been reduced, but Carlucci argued that it needs to be eliminated entirely. That comes back to his choice of location for Thursday. 

"The MTA payroll tax is an onerous, job-killing tax," Carlucci said. "It's a tax we have to pay right here in Orangetown, but you don't have to pay it right down the road in Bergen County. You don't have to pay it in Connecticut. That really hampers our ability to do business and attract employers like Nice-Pak. We have to completely repeal the MTA tax." 

stephany October 05, 2012 at 04:47 PM
http://www.cbcny.org/cbc-blogs/blogs/suburban-smiles-may-turn-frowns what is the current status of the MTA tax. are businesses paying it,Can they recover the money they paid if it is upheld as unconstitutional according to state law. who will make up the difference if it is upheld or does our portion of the the $460,000,000.00 need disappear too How will Carlucci make up the lost revenue if the tax is done away with.AND THE BUSINESSES CAN REVOVER THE MONEY THEY PAID IN.and why wouldn't they if it was unconstitutional..does he think people who use metro north will be negativelyaffected by loss of some service and or the 32% increase in tickets price predicted in the above article.
stephany October 05, 2012 at 06:04 PM
I would like to hear from Robert Julius, Chairman of Nice-Pak Products in Orangeburg exactly how many vets applied to his company in the last 2 years, how many he hired, and if he didn't why would a $10,000 cash bribe make them employable. As long as we are giving vets preferential treatment I think we should take it a step further by concentrating the efforts first and foremost on vets that have been actively seeking employment since discharge, and putting those who have exhausted UE benefits and all of a sudden need a job to the back of the line regardless of their qualifications an example would be a vet who is collecting unemployment and it is nearly run out or exhausted it after 99 weeks or whatever it is and has verifiable proof they have been actively seeking any kind of employment and have heretofore failed to secure employment of any kind. the longer you have been discharged and have proof of actually wanting to and interviewing for any reasonable work the closer to the top you get.Submitting an application online is not to be considered "actively" looking for work. If you want to give preferential treatment which obviously will result in taking the job from someone else,unless you plan on creating a new one, at least have some minimal requirements to ensure the taxpayers, not to mention the person not getting the job,will not be taken advantage of.
stephany October 05, 2012 at 06:06 PM
will not be taken advantage of TWICE
Laborers Local 754 October 09, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Stephany makes a valid point. Too often people cry about taxes that are crucial for infrastructure mantainence and upgrades. People want services and state of the art infrastructure but do not want to pay for it or do not want it in their backyard. It is the "Romney/Ryan" approach and is very short sighted. As in the MTA case, people have no idea what they will get if the MTA tax is eliminated totally. Fares will skyrocket and businesses will benefit without paying a fair share. Bottom line is we need MORE mass transit investment. The MTA Tax should be increased with the increase being put into a trust fund to be used to finance a one seat ride from Stewart airport to Penn Station . This process can start After the TZB is replaced. We need a balanced approach to public spending. Prudent cuts and prudent specific tax raises .


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