Clarkstown Board Approved Sign Removals And Surplus Municipal Property Sale (VIDEO)

Residents favored taking down of restrictive turn signs near Palisades Center Mall


The Clarkstown Town Board approved the abandonment of a portion of in West Nyack and then followed that with a vote to sell the property. The purchaser is the Jehovah’s Witnesses Congregation of West Nyack.  It is paying the town $50,000 to buy a small section of road that abuts its parking lot.

The only comments during the public hearing on the abandonment came from Steve Levin of Congers who agreed with the board’s actions.

“This is the right way to proceed,” he said. “It really is a road that goes to nowhere. I think that it is a win-win all around for everybody.”

There was more discussion on the second public hearing held Tuesday night on removal of a No Right Turn sign on Snake Hill Road at the intersection of Palisades Center Drive North and a No Left Turn sign on Palisades Center Drive at Snake Hill Road. 

Town Attorney Amy Mele explained the town board directed the installation of the signs under discussion on 1998 at the request of residents living near the West Nyack intersection. She said the planning board’s engineer had reviewed the intersection for the town board and indicated there was no traffic engineering reason for them.

Levine advised caution in dealing with the mall and said he was concerned about traffic needs in the future that the mall could refuse to pay for because the town went ahead and removed the signs.

“What worries me is that down the road the taxpayers are going to be on the hook for this,” he said.

Mele said she did not believe the resolution for removal of the signs impacted any other agreement with the mall.

“I don’t think this resolution alter any terms of the covenant,” she said. 

The planning board’s attorney recommended some wording changes in the resolution as a precaution. He said the town has the right to remove the sign on Snake Hill Road. He suggested the resolution be changed from should to could regarding the removal of the sign on Palisades Center Drive since it is private property.

“I’m not viewing this as an amendment to the covenant,” he said. “I’m viewing this and the resolution refers to it as an amendment to two resolutions which were adopted by the town board in 1998 to actually install the signs in the first place. “

A Bardonia resident said the signs serve no purpose and should be removed immediately. Another area resident said the signs make it more difficult to get to the commuter parking lot.  Orrin Getz of New City said removal of the signs will have benefits for mass transit commuters and those using the Tappan Zee Bridge.

The highway department will remove the sign on Snake Hill Road. The board agreed to add to the resolution that the town will continue to monitor the intersection and approved the resolution. Town Supervisor Alex Gromack said that wording would allow either the highway department or the police department to check on the traffic flow in the area. 

Traffic no-brainer April 19, 2012 at 10:54 AM
14 years, that was fast. How about more green light time on RT 59 and 304. I'm running out of brakes and $4.25 gas.
Madeline April 19, 2012 at 10:56 AM
The snake hill rd no left turn was put in place for a reason back in 1998.... The added congestion to a road that is not meant to become a highway. It is and has been a residential rd. Living on this road for over 30 yrs there has been an increase to the traffic on this road and it has become a major short cut for residence in other areas. The original article quoted 50 cars an hour. Is that not significant!!! As Mr Goetz stated it would be a benefit to mass transit commuters giving them better access to the malls commuter lot. Additional cars. What is wrong with people is there own personal benefit more important than people living in this area! This is a residential area and this road was not designed to become another Rte 59. I am hoping that there is a followup study on the additional traffic and the sign reinstalled.
Peggy Wilkins April 19, 2012 at 11:20 AM
Hallelujah! What about less pollution as a reason? Those of us who used Snake Hill Road as a back way to bypass Rtes 59 and 87 to get to the Mall had to make a huge loop around 303 to get to BJ's or Home Depot. So much unneeded driving and gas usage, and time. Good decision.
Yehbut April 19, 2012 at 12:45 PM
Removing the "No Right Turn" sign is great news and should have been done years ago. I'm concerned about the "No Left Turn" sign. I have seen drivers not yield and force their left turns in front of oncoming traffic, even with the sign there. It's an awkward turn and I predict accidents at that intersection. The town will probably have to add a left turn signal to the traffic light in the future.
Lynn Teger April 25, 2012 at 01:12 PM
I find it very interesting to note that Ms. Traum in her reporting, chose to leave out a very important part of the meeting which had to do with the Town of Clarkstown's membership in the International Counsel of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) at which several citizens spoke of at the meeting and which was responded to by the Town Board. ICLEI membership affects our private property rights as citizens and is just as, or even more important as where signs are placed in the Town of Clarkstown. I noticed, Ms. Traum, that on another article you wrote, my comments were mysteriously deleted. I hope to see that this is not the case again. The video of the part of the meeting is provided below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF-BtaTlGcc


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