Clarkstown Police Awarded 3.4% Pay Raises For Both 2009 and 2010

Preliminary talks under way for new contract covering 2011 and beyond.

A state arbitrator has awarded Clarkstown police officers a two-year package of raises that hikes salaries by 3.4 percent for 2009 and 3.4 percent for 2010.

The award, distributed to town officials and leaders of the Clarkstown Policemen's Benevolent Association today, clears the way for the two sides to work on a new contract covering 2011 and beyond.

Clarkstown PBA president David Trois said he and members of the union are happy the lengthy arbitration is completed. PBA and town officials have been expecting a decision in the labor dispute for more than nine months.

The PBA contract went to binding arbitration through the state's Public Employee Relations Board after the two sides reached a statelmate in negotiations. The union has sought 5 percent annual raises, while the town was seeking a contract with no raises.

Trois said the award also include a new option for town police officers to place themselves under a spouce's health insurance plan instead of the town's plan if they wish.

"We're grateful the process has ended. The award was long overdue. It was a very lenghty process," said Trois, who noted that PBA members were briefed on the arbitration award today.

Although Town Board members were hoping for lower pay increases in the arbitration award, Trois said the overall negotiation and arbitration process was conducted in a professional manner without any animosity.

Trois noted that throughout the process, town police officers maintained their professionalism and did not let the contract matter affect their work.

Town Board members, who were reviewing the arbitration award today, said they were disappointed by the decision and were concerned it did not reflect the realities of the economy.

The official record for the arbitration process closed last fall. At the time, the most recent police contract award involved the Town of Ramapo, where police officers received 4 percent annual raises. Clarkstown town officials tried to have the official record of the arbitration re-opened to reflect recent police contracts with lower salary increases in Stony Point and Haverstraw.

The bid to re-open the record was rejected by the arbitrator.

Clarkstown has a 159-member police department. The 2010 Clarkstown salaray schedule shows that basic salaries for police officers range from $72,200 to $131,160. Those figures do not include higher-ranking, higher-paid police department supervisors.


amy durbin July 09, 2011 at 10:44 AM
I am not implying that the CPD officers should not get a raise, I thought I was clear about it. My point about our volunteer firefighters is in response to your comment about the CPD running towards dangerous situations. So do our firefighters and they get paid nothing.
riss1218 July 09, 2011 at 02:36 PM
Actually Mr. Percy, Paramedics do NOT get paid, hence all the counties VOLUNTEER ambulance services such as Congers-Valley Cottage, Orangetown, New City, Hillcrest, Monsey and more. If you are going to make an argument about that please be correct. If you want people running towards a situation, take a look at our Volunteer Firemen who never know if they will make it home after they get a call. They get no dollar amount to them what-so-ever. They should be paid, as well as our ambulance corps. because frankly they do more on a daily basis then this cops ever do. I do NOT think CPD should get a raise. Mr. Foley is a cocky SOB when he states that since everyone else is suffering with the economy, why should they? Because when they answer a call, usually not in a timely fashion either, they don’t do much at all. They pretend to care about this community when they really care about their quota and getting their own personal raises.
Percy Marvelous July 10, 2011 at 06:52 AM
Actually Mr. Riss there are paid paramedics in Rockland County. I make every effort to confirm the veracity of my statements. Mr, Riss, with all due respect sir, you are incorrect. Volunteer firemen do indeed have some benefits: http://www.fasny.com/ In reference to Officer Foley you should refrain from ad hominem attacks that are inflammatory in nature.
riss1218 July 10, 2011 at 07:58 PM
Well Mr. Percy, I am not a male, hence the name RISS .. pay attention. Our ambuance corps are volunteer and my boyfriend who is a volunteer firemen, gets some benefits but not a PAID SALARY, again pay attention to what is said. Thank you. And as far as Mr. Foley, goes what concern is it to you what I say about this money hungry SOB. Freedom of speech my friend.
Percy Marvelous July 11, 2011 at 05:36 AM
Ms. Riss, I do so endeavor to pay attention. How would I know that Riss is a feminine name. RISS Reference Information Storage System (HP) RISS Regional Information Sharing System RISS Rhode Island Soft Systems (software company) RISS Real-Time IR/EO Scene Simulator RISS Revised Injury Severity Score If your boyfriend would like to be a paid firefighter there are several municipalities that pay their firefighters. I had picked up the idea that firefighters were volunteers early in the conversation. Ms. Riss referring to Officer Foley as an SOB reflects badly on your attempts to engage in civil discourse. You certainly have a right to speak your mind but ad hominem attacks appeal to the basest parts of our nature. Using profanity also reflects poorly upon a keen intellect.


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