County Employees’ Efforts During Hurricane Sandy Noted

CSEA president spoke about the lack of recognition for county employees working under dangerous conditions.


Rockland County CSEA President P. T. criticized the county leadership for not acknowledging the efforts of employees during and after Hurricane Sandy. Thomas made his comments at Tuesday night’s legislative meeting. 

“You know county was practically dead,” he said. “Still but however county employees were to report to work. As for employees we rise above the occasion. We rise above. We were here when we were needed. We worked in darkness without light, without electricity. The stairways ere not lighted. Bathrooms, there was no light. “

Thomas said employees should get some type of recognition for the risks they took. 

“However, we did not get one word of appreciation either from the county executive or any of the managers,” he said. “However I just want to say county employees rose above the expectation to come through this difficult time.

Harriet Cornell, chairwoman of the legislature, spoke about the hurricane as a very difficult time for all in Rockland, some suffering much more than others.

“But there were the many acts of kindness,” she said. “People opening their homes to those without. Neighbors helping neighbors clean debris. Volunteers taking food and water and blankets to others.”

She acknowledged county employees, who were told to report to work despite the storm. 

“As the chairwoman of the legislature I want county residents to know and take pride in the work done on their behalf by county government employees to protect everyone as best as possible,” said Cornell.

She talked about visiting the county Emergency Operations Center at the Fire Training Center in Pomona where staff worked continuously to allocate resource and coordinate responses.  She described it as a “dire situation,” and something that cannot be dismissed as one-time only weather events.

“We cannot consider these disasters weather anomalies any longer,” she stated.



CR November 15, 2012 at 03:30 PM
P Thomas - Great job. Now stop whining and get back to work. I didn't get any pats on the back either, but I didn't complain about it. Harriet - "We cannot consider these disasters wheather anomalies any longer". Ok, so what does that mean to you and the County? Assuming your postulation is correct (and I'm not sure what qualifies you to make this claim in the first place), what is your plan to address future weather disasters? Just making a statement doesn't benefit anybody one iota. Do you have a plan? Do you even have a thought? If so, what is it (and pointing fingers at O&R, Gas Stations, Gougers, etc. doesn't count).
RJ November 15, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Please be more specific. Which employees came to work, what were they able to do with no lights, phones or computers and what was the benefit to the residents? Be more specific so credit can be given where it's due.
Ken McQuade November 15, 2012 at 06:54 PM
Even during the height of the storm when O/R announced it was pulling its workers out till the winds died down Rocklands EMS and Fire departments were answering calls. And how about all those 911 dispatch operators who kept them going. I think the county could give them all a day off with pay to holiday shop or hang with family.
nyackagain November 15, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Ken...thank you...from a volunteer EMT.
Jr November 16, 2012 at 01:41 AM
Rockland county highway dept was out all night doing all they could do to keep the county roads open. But what the hell lets lay off 6 More


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