Court Refuses To Hear MTA Payroll Tax Appeal

The state’s highest court refused to hear an appeal of the MTA Payroll Tax. Tuesday’s ruling of the New York Court of Appeals means businesses within the Metropolitan Transportation Authority region, which includes Rockland County, must still pay the tax. County Executive Ed Day said the fight will continue for the repeal of the tax, which is stifling business development.

“Residents in Rockland County are burdened enough under the nation’s fourth-highest property tax bill,” said Day. “Equally as damaging, the MTA Payroll Tax continues to stifle economic growth all across the Hudson Valley and Long Island.”

Day also brought up the inequity between what residents pay and the services received from the MTA. 

“For years, Rockland residents have paid far in excess of the level of service received from the authority, only receiving about 50 cents in value for each dollar conveyed,” said Day.  “That’s a $40 million shortfall, and I urge our state lawmakers to wipe out this tax, which has only brought pain to our community.”

Rockland has been battling the MTA payroll tax for years.

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