Drivers Adjusting to New Hempstead Road Detour

Changes for pedestrians are also in progress.

Drivers seem to be adapting to the detour route for New Hempstead Road. Now pedestrians must also adjust to the closure. People walking between North Main Street and the various Rockland County office buildings along New Hempstead Road will soon have a new marked walkway to follow.

County Highway Department Capital Projects Manager Joe Pyzowski said workers will be striping the walkway through the Sain Building parking lot. The four-to five-foot wide walkway will be situated alongside the concrete barricades that mark the detour route. Pedestrians have another option for going between the two streets; they can use the bridge by the county clerk’s office and the stairway to North Main Street.

Additionally, the pedestrian crossing signal may be moved from the intersection of North Main Street and further north to the new traffic light at the entrance to the detour route and pedestrian walkway. 

Drivers leaving the New City Plaza directly across from New Hempstead Road have discovered they can no longer make a left turn. A no left turn sign has been installed.

“We’re advising people we’re prohibiting that turn,” said Pyzowski, noting there is heavy traffic between the detour route and Congers Road.

In some spots repairs take place while nearby deconstruction is under way.  Crews have been filling potholes that appeared in the detour road because it is covered with parking lot pavement not a heavy traffic surface.  Other workers have been taking the riding surface off the bridge over the Demarest Kill Culvert, removing the guardrails and pulling up chunks of sidewalk pavement.

Pyzowski said there will be even more construction activity within the next few weeks. Work already started on the Little Tor Culvert, will require traffic lanes to be shifted to allow enough room for the rebuilding it.



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