East Ramapo Pays $2.3 Million Of $5 Million Owed BOCES

Rockland BOCES received a $2,378,000 check from the East Ramapo School District today for payment of services from July through October.


Rockland BOCES received a $2,378,000 payment from the East Ramapo School District Friday morning. According to BOCES Director of Communications Stephanie Gouss, the payment covers BOCES services and training provided to the school district from July October and includes capital and administrative costs. It represents a partial payment of the overdue $5 million East Ramapo owed BOCES.

“We’re obviously delighted to have received this check,” said Gouss, adding it is a great first step.

Gouss said BOCES is waiting for the state education commissioner’s response to the letter sent by East Ramapo School Superintendent Dr. Joel Klein on Dec. 16.

That letter proposed a payment plan schedule.  The district still owes BOCES for November and December 2012 and will owe for contracted services through the end of the school year.  

“That payment plan was a payment plan submitted to the commissioner’s office for review,” said Gouss. “The commissioner’s office is the final decider on this. We haven’t heard anything one way or another.”

The proposed schedule included monthly payments for services provided by BOCES three months prior. East Ramapo proposed making belated payments from January through September 2013 to cover BOCES services from October 2012 through June 2013.  

East Ramapo sends 252 students to BOCES programs. 176 are enrolled in special education classes and 76 in career education.

Observer January 19, 2013 at 12:42 PM
is Patch in a position to offer a breakdown of how this payment would impact the other nearby school districts? Clarkstown, Nanuet, etc. I think there was news that speculated that if no payments were made each of the other districts would be impacted negatively or be asked to chip in? thank you.
Reality January 22, 2013 at 06:04 PM
The financial audit of the ERCSD as of 6/30/12 indicates that the statement of net assets presents information on all school district assets and liabilities . Over time, increases or decreases in net assets may serve as a useful indicator of whether the financial condition of the district is improving or deteriorating. In the year ending 6/30/12 the ERCSD change in net assets decreased by 33,707,600 to a total negative 69,890,756. In English, we are 70 million in the red. Even if we attempt to bond our way out of this mess our children will be paying off the debt long after we are dead. Who will want to buy property in the ERCSD with this hanging over our head. Oh yeah, that’s right, we know who will pay cash for our property at a distressed level. HELP!!!!!


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