Gov. Cuomo Talks Education, Gun Laws (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Cuomo stopped in Nanuet at the Pascack Community Center to address a crowd. He said firmly that the state will pass the budget on time with no new taxes


Back in January, Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his State of the State message in Albany. Since then, he and his staff have been traveling to different towns and counties. About a week after his speech,  where he presented a powerpoint and fielded questions.

On Tuesday, Cuomo stopped in Nanuet at the Pascack Community Center to address a crowd mixed with local elected officials, residents, non-profits and many more. Patch did live video coverage during the meeting. Check out the short 30-second snippets here. The shortened version of Cuomo's powerpoint from Perales' meeting is attached to this article as well.

Clarkstown Supervisor Alex Gromack introduced Cuomo. Cuomo's big push was “NY one-two punch: Jobs and Education.” In an earlier article, Patch summed up Cuomo's points on the economy and jobs.  

More Learning Time

This country is out of step with other countries in that other countries just educate their children more than we do, said Cuomo.

“That’s why you see across the globe kids excelling where our kids are not. And our kids are going to be competing with them in the future. This is a global marketplace … our kids are going to be competing with other kids who have more education and better education and we have to catch up.”

Cuomo added that schools “still have a schedule that is based on an agrarian economy where we give our children off during the summer because we need them to work the fields. That’s where the calendar came from. I feel very strongly that more learning time is right."

Cuomo gave three options to implement this:

  • Longer school day
  • Longer school year
  • Combination of both

"It is also going to be controversial and it’s going to be difficult. To extend the school day has a lot of ramifications. Parents have now planned their life around the school day. Kids have afternoon activities. A longer school year and shorter summer vacations also has ramifications."

Cuomo proposes that of the 700 school districts across the state, he wants to leave it to the school district to decide what they will or will not do, meaning that this proposal is optional and that schools can choose to not change their current school calendars.

“But as an encouragement, if a school district does more—longer day or longer year—the state will pay 100 cents on the dollar for that … That is the way of the future and that’s where we have to go.”

“Same goes for early education. We should have real PreK for all our children in our state.”

Distressed Schools

Cuomo added that schools in lower income communities need more support from the government.

“Education in distressed communities … a school in a poor community has to perform functions that a school in a rich community does not have to perform. A teacher in a school in a poor community is not just a teacher. That teacher is a teacher, often a parent substitute, often a mentor, a counselor, a nutritionist. Many of those children do not have the same support structure that the kids in the richer communities do. Recognize that disparity instead of trying to compare the two.”

These target schools will be called community schools “because we’re doing community development, personal development and wrap those services around the children so that school has a chance to succeed and call it for what it is.”

Read more about his plan on education in this Patch article. 


Cuomo addressed gun violence as a “chronic problem … we have seen it on and off chronically for decades.”

Cuomo’s proposed gun law “respects hunters and sportsmen, but it ends the unnecessary risk of  high-capacity assault weapons, keeps guns from criminals and the mentally ill, it closes the private sale loopholes on background checks, tougher penalties for illegal guns … and a mandatory life sentence for killing a first responder.”

Cuomo added that with the New York Safe Act, New York is the first state in the nation to have a bill like this. 

"I’m a gun owner myself. I don’t think this has anything to do with the legitimate ownership of guns. I understand, however, the political controversy."

Read more about his plan on education in these Patch articles:

  • (UPDATE) State of the State: Cuomo Calls for 'Toughest Assault Weapon Ban in the Nation'

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