Highway Superintendent Candidate’s Signs Defaced

One of Dennis Malone's campaign signs that was destroyed by vandalism.
One of Dennis Malone's campaign signs that was destroyed by vandalism.

Vandals have defaced at least two campaign signs put up by Clarkstown Highway Superintendent Candidate Dennis Malone and damaged others. 

Clarkstown police said they received reports on Sunday of obscenities written in black marker on two signs on Old Haverstraw Road in Congers and at the intersection of Route 304 and Congers Road in New City.

Malone, who is running on the Democratic line, filed the first report on August 27 about three signs broken into pieces. The signs that were damaged were located on Kings Highway in Congers, the Brewery Road and Congers Rd intersection and the New City side of the Congers Road Causeway. Malone said he thought someone used a baseball bat to break apart the signs. 

“The campaign against me is tied to undesirable elements,” said Malone, who was campaigning at Sunday’s New City Street Fair. 

Malone said volunteers have been checking on the approximately 25 campaign signs that have been placed around Clarkstown. The Congers resident said the signs with the expletives were removed immediately because he is concerned that youngsters would see them.

“I don’t want them to see that it’s a disgrace,” he said.

Other candidates and people involved with various political campaigns who attended the street fair said they were not aware of any additional incidents. Clarkstown police have not received any other reports of sign vandalism.

Malone is challenging his current boss Wayne Ballard, who is running on the Republican line. The race is already fraught with controversy with the release of secretly recorded videotapes by another highway department employee, Frank Sparaco.  He alleged the tapes revealed attempts by Malone and others to bribe and threaten him to assist in getting Malone elected.

In August, Malone filed a defamation of character lawsuit against Ballard and Sparaco and the leaders of the Clarkstown and Rockland County Republican Committees, Bob Axelrod and Vincent Reda. 

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Ace of Hearts September 08, 2013 at 11:47 PM
Lets see...Sparaco wants to keep his patronage job but there's a problem, his buddy Ballard hired him for giving him the Independence Party line and the public is upset...his election might not be an easy walk in this year so Frank S calls Frank B to play lets make a deal...Malone doesn't want or need to make a deal with FS but FB says let's see what he's got to say...Malone says at the badly spliced taped meeting that he's not a politician and if FB wants to talk politics with FS it's ok with him. Malone never says he's going to keep FS or he's going to give him a raise, FB says that, Larry W. says that, but not Malone...they could have told Malone that FS was going to be transferred to another department or given some county position for all we know...when they finally told Malone the deal they were working on he said NO WAY and FS had nothing left but his badly spliced tapes...
amy durbin September 09, 2013 at 07:16 AM
@Jeanine: So you are saying if its not criminal it doesn't matter? So the fact that they hire all the heads of the political parties doesn't matter? So the fact that they are in there for life doesn't matter? The fact that they run unopposed is ok? If you want to see the whole tape tell your friend Dennis to serve his lawsuit and you could get them through evidentiary means. @Ace: Malone said on the tapes that he would do whatever FB told him to do. If I am a stand up guy that wants nothing to do with backroom deals and my campaign manager and whatever LW is to Malone does something like this -- I publicly wipe my hands of them.
Jimmy R September 09, 2013 at 08:53 AM
@Amy, I keep hearing rumors from Highway Dept. insiders that Frank has a no-show job and knocks on doors campaigning for his buddy while he is supposed to be working his patronage job. Can that be where he finds the time to partake in the absentee ballot shenanigans? How do you feel about your tax dollars going to waste?
Jeanine Vecchiarelli September 09, 2013 at 09:58 AM
@Amy: I believe everything you mentioned SHOULD be criminal. We are all incensed that it isn't. And it is both shocking and appalling that you have sacrificed your credibility to defend the biggest transgressor! Connect the dots - IF all this really happened, why would those supposedly caught have gone to your buddy Sparaco instead of to someone else? Because he is the one manipulating all those lines for his own personal gain! You like seeing him live well on our taxes with his salary PLUS patronage job while we can't afford to put food on our tables? How did he "earn" that patronage job? By wheeling and dealing the minor party lines! You like seeing a politician stab his fellow party members in the back while claiming to be acting as an agent for a minor party? Since when is that not party disloyalty? You rail against all those wrongs, yet you defend to the death the very creep who is making it all happen! Where is the sense in THAT?
Rob T September 09, 2013 at 11:25 AM
Morons #1 and #2 go to have a meeting with Morons #3,4 and 5.......Do we see a pattern forming here folks ?


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