Interest In Summit Park Expands

Several entities exploring the possible acquisition of the Summit Park Nursing Home have also expressed interest in the Summit Park Hospital.  In response, Rockland County legislators have scheduled a public hearing on transferring the remainder of the nursing home building to the Rockland County Health Facilities Corporation, a local development corporation (LDC), on Monday, Dec. 30 at 7:05 p.m. 

With the county strapped for money and facing a possible year-end budget deficit of approximately $140 million Legislative Chairwoman Harriet Cornell said no opportunities for obtaining additional revenue should be overlooked. The county did receive state approval for a $96 million deficit reduction bond but that still leaves Rockland with about a $40 million shortfall.

“Preliminarily these same high quality providers have indicated an additional interest in the hospital beds involving a significant additional payment that would partially alleviate the county deficit,” said Cornell. “So in a fiscal environment where all options are on the table it’s prudent for the legislature to call for the public hearing and to get community input.” 

The nursing home at the Yeager Health Center complex has been costing the county millions of dollars for years. Cornell said the county spends $1.5 million monthly to operate the nursing home.

According to the resolution passed by the legislature last Thursday, the county has determined the majority of Building A at 50 Sanatorium Road in Pomona is not needed. Specifically it applies to the first, second, fourth and 10th floors. The resolution calls for the county to retain the right to continue renting space currently used by its general services, facilities management, purchasing, MIS and medical examiner’s departments.

Summit Park Nursing Home has 321 beds and the hospital has 100 beds. The county transferred its rights to the nursing home to the Health Facilities Corporation, which was created in April, so that it could sell or lease the nursing home. The proceeds of a sale would be applied to the deficit.

In September, the county issued a request for proposals for the sale of the skilled nursing facility. More information is available from the county here.

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Watchdog December 09, 2013 at 04:00 PM
"Chairwoman Harriet Cornell said no opportunities for obtaining additional revenue should be overlooked." Does this include a 10% salary reduction for you and your cronies in the Legislature? After all, you people ran this County into the ground....yes you Harriet and your buddy Illan.


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