Legislative Committee Approves Property & Sales Tax Increases, Cuts 40 Jobs In Proposed Budget (VIDEO)

Full legislature votes on recommendations Tuesday


The Rockland County Legislature’s last night approved resolutions for a 30 percent property tax increase, 3/8 percent sales tax increase and the elimination of 40 county jobs in 2012.  The committee’s recommendations, which go before the full legislature tonight for discussion and vote, differ from the county executive’s budget proposal to eliminate more than 500 jobs next year.

Instead of accepting the county’s executive’s one-time $160 property tax assessment, the legislators decided the additional revenue measure was actually a tax increase requiring an override of the state’s two percent tax cap.  Under the plan, the Summit Park Nursing Home would operate for the entire year not eight months as initially proposed. 

The 30 percent tax increase results from the two percent increase included in the County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef’s budget proposal combined with his one-time property tax assessment. Budget & Finance Chair Ilan Schoenberger said the committee members believed the assessment would be needed for more than one year.

“The recommendation is that it be treated as a full tax increase of 30 percent,” he said.

The committee members agreed to ask the state legislature for permission to bond the county’s deficit over 10 years.  A portion of the proposed 3/8 percent sales tax increase would be directed toward paying off that bond with the first payment occurring in 2013.  Legislator Joseph Meyers disagreed with that approach and said he did not think the legislature was making the tough decisions required to reduce the county’s $52 million deficit.

Schoenberger said the committee’s proposals restore:

  • $1 million each for the Narcotics Task Force and Intelligence Task Force
  • Sheriff’s Transport Unit
  • Partial funding to contract agencies
  • Reinstate 10 proposed January layoffs
  • Reinstate 41 April layoffs
  • Reinstate 477 August layoffs
  • Increase contingency fund by $959,000
  • Reduce insurance payments

Schoenberger characterized the Sheriff’s Transport Unit as “probably the most efficient service this county supplies.”  The officers working in the unit do not receive benefits, overtime and are paid hourly.  He said if the Sheriff’s Patrol took over the duties as proposed by Vanderhoef, the overtime would consume additional funds.

The 40 positions recommended for elimination would be cut in January and April.  

The jobs proposed for elimination in January are in:

  • Environmental Health - three
  • Cancer Care Institute - two
  • Environmental Res - two
  • Tourism - one
  • Employee Rights & Training - one
  • Finance - one
  • Youth Bureau – one extended to May
  • Department of Mental Health:  
    • Emergency Clinic - one
    • Young Adult Center – nine
    • Transportation - nine
    • Medical Library – one

The eight positions proposed for elimination in April are in the Methadone Maintenance Treatment program. Under the committee’s recommendations, there would not be any layoffs in August.  When applause broke out after the announcement, Schoenberger cautioned that did not mean Summit Park would operate indefinitely.

“We intend to look very closely at the hospital and how it’s operated,” he said. “We don’t believe the layoffs could be accomplished in the county executive’s budget.”

He said obtaining permission for the bond will have to be a cooperative effort.

“It is our intention to work very closely with our state assemblymen and state senator to attain this deficit bond,” Schoenberger said.

Prior to Tuesday night’s meeting, he expects to have a letter from the state controller’s office regarding the lifting of the two percent tax cap.

Sixteen of the legislature's 17 members attended the session.  Several legislators spoke about the concerns they had.

Legislator Ed Day said the branches of county government were not working in tandem.  Legislator Robert Jackson spoke about the unions taking an active role in helping to improve the county’s financial situation.

“I don’t see that hospital lasting three or four more years,” said Jackson.  “We need partners in this endeavor.”

Joseph Meyers said he will offer a different amendment, which includes 30 more job cuts in the County Clerk’s Office, Youth Bureau, Tourism, County Attorney’s Office and Public Defender’s Office.  He collaborated on some of the ideas with Legislator Ed Day and John Moroney.

“I am going to vote against breaking the tax cap,” Meyers said. “I am in favor of raising the sales tax to raise money.  We have to make deeper cuts.  The county can’t go on this way.” 

Residents, who attended the meeting, expressed dismay with the committee’s actions.

“The county employees should pay for prescription drugs,” said Joe Tarangelo of New City.  “It’s ridiculous what’s going on.”

MaryAnn Pennell opposed the tax increases.

“This is insanity,” said the 45-year resident of Pomona.

Joan Kaye of New City said, “Shame on them for a 30 percent tax increase.  This is really a crisis for the county.  I blame my fellow citizens for not being more pro-active.”

The meeting of the full legislature to consider the committee’s resolutions begins at 7 p.m.







Bob Zampino December 06, 2011 at 02:06 PM
Did someone say 30% property tax increase? 30% Percent? What happened to the 2% ceiling? All those in favor of these excessive increases should contribute 30% of their salary. How about a 4-day work week, shared over 5-days? Ludicrous speed towards the end of living in Rockland. My earnings have been going south for a decade yet taxes keep increasing. I guess Potatoes & Eggs or Bread & Gravy, will be on the menu, weekly instead of monthly. Then again, the county is taxing that too!
Bard of Bardonia December 06, 2011 at 03:02 PM
Federal, State, and local governments are destroying what used to be a country of hope and opportunity. Clarkstown will also raise your taxes next year. The electorate was given an opportunity to honestly address our Town's problems at the last election. But it chose the status quo. However, as the pain gets worse, the political patronage system continues to feast on the taxpayers' dollars, and the CSAE continues to believe that it has rights to things the rest of us do not enjoy, the day of reckoning will arrive. Reagan fired the air traffic controllers and we need to start firing our patronage employees and the union membership that they feed to get things back on track.
Helene Feigelman December 06, 2011 at 04:59 PM
Amen Bard of Bardonia and Bob, Where do they expect us to get the money for this 30% increase from? I am retired, get Social Security which the Republicans want to get rid of. What has become of our country? I can tell you where to cut more from this county.
Mike Hirsch December 06, 2011 at 05:21 PM
Why should this come as a surprise? Schoenberger and Cornell could increase taxes 1200% and still get reelected in their gerrymandered districts. The average citizen is not, and does not, want to get involved. We were given a democratic republic by some great men. The only problem is that it is up to us to keep it.
Chuck Borgman December 06, 2011 at 08:58 PM
They basically restored most of the cuts. I don't see any of the hard decisions on spending being made here. This is business as usual. Solve everything by tax increases and borrowing which will go on forever. This is very disappointing.
Deanne Wernicke December 06, 2011 at 09:58 PM
This is simply disgusting! Where the heck do you think people will get the money to pay for these taxes in today's economy? do you think ppl's salaries are increasing by that amount. You are driving senior citizens (on fixed incomes) out of their homes, many who have lived and in this county all their lives. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. STOP THE CORRUPTION!
Anne December 07, 2011 at 12:06 AM
The reason the tax base is shinking is the foreclosed properties (in part); unemployment; aging population; and inept employees at the various agencies. Went to a meeting and sat there until 11 pm listening to old cronies lie to each other, over state/understate problems, evade answering direct questions. Face it folks we live in "Good Ol' Boy and Girl Club" territory. People with talent, education and the willingness to work hard NEVER get hired in Rockland.
John Anderson December 07, 2011 at 02:15 AM
Simply a way for city folk to push out the middle class and lower class home owners out of Rockland County. All they have to do is add more costs to whatever services they provide.
Billy Charlesboy December 09, 2011 at 01:06 PM
sell your house now while you can folks. its all over but the crying....


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