Rockland Legislators Approve Sale of Two County-Owned Buildings

Lawmakers OK the sale of buildings in New City and Spring Valley for a total of $8.2 million

The Rockland County Legislature voted unanimously to approve the sale of two county-owned buildings for $8.2 million.

The building located at 185 North Main Street in Spring Valley netted a highest bid of $4.2 million from Congregation Khal Bais Shmiel, and the building located at 2 New Hempstead Road in New City brought in a highest bid of $4 million by JP Morgan Chase  & Co. Both sales are subject to approval from the county attorney.

Both buildings were publicly advertised, and three bids were received for the Spring Valley location. In addition to Congregation Khal Bais Shmiel, bids were received for the location from the Village of Spring Valley and JR, LLC.

Legislator Toney Earl asked if the Village of Spring Valley’s bid was considered. Legislator Ilan Schoenberger told Earl the bid was considered, but it was also the lowest bid of the three, coming in around $1.7 million.

“I wouldn’t mind selling it to Spring Valley, I really wouldn’t, but we have to get the most money we can for the county of Rockland,” Schoenberger said.

The New City building received two bids total, with the only other bid coming from Koenig Management. Schoenberger said the county bought the building about six or seven years ago. Legislator Joseph Meyers asked how much the county paid for it then, and Schoenberger said he didn’t remember, but his staff told him it was about $2.5 million.

While Meyers voted in favor of the sale of both buildings, he was the only legislator to raise some concern about selling either property. He wondered if was a good idea to sell the New City location given its close proximity to the county offices, just in case the county government for whatever reason needs more space down the line.

“I just hope that the expense of getting additional space convenient to and close to our government offices will not be higher than what we’re selling this for now,” he said. “I worry about that.”

Schoenberger said the New City location still has a bond on it, but the sale will bring in about $8 million in cash to the county. In the proposed 2012 budget, the county executive had the sale of the two buildings bringing in $5 million, which would go toward deficit reduction. Selling for more than expected gives the county some options for the money, Schoenberger said.

“We can do that now, with $5 million to offset the deficit and still have $3 million for operating expenditures, or put the whole $8 million toward the reduction of the deficit,” he said.

JLeo July 18, 2012 at 03:40 PM
Watchdog, I respect what you say. But this contract has been in limbo for over 2 years, this is unheard of in the industry. Everyone knows everybody elses numbers and everybody elses management personnel and so many other things, the whole process is tainted now. I don't know how it ever be properly resolved.
JLeo July 19, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Richard Brega Jr., president of Brega Transport, said he has lost more than $100,000 since Jan. 2, 2010, when Coach USA began storing the 62 county-owned buses at his facility. Brega's workers fuel, wash and service the buses. He had been charging a fee of 15 cents per gallon, but raised it to 33 cents this month. He pumped more than 668,000 gallons of diesel fuel in 2010. Thats from a news article a year ago. $.33/gallon to pump deisel fuel $33 to pump a hundred gallons. Not bad, and Coach supplies the fuel. Thats about 2 thousand a day just for fueling, he gets about $50 a bus to wash them in an automatic wash, 30 a night. Just how is he going to do the contract for $5 million less?
JLeo July 19, 2012 at 05:51 PM
My apologies he gets $220,000 a year to fuel, thats about a $1000 a day. He pays 2 fuelers a combined $250, still not a bad profit. $1500 a night to wash the buses, that's $450000, I think i'm in the wrong business. Well thats over $3 million in 5 yrs, Now I starting to see where he is saving money. Thats money Coach has to pay and Brega does not. Coach really got screwed wheh the decided to move in Brega's facility, said the spider to the fly.
Watchdog July 19, 2012 at 07:32 PM
Sounds like he knows what he is doing huh? Give the contract to the local guy, the lowest bidder by far. I really question Vanderhoefs motives here. He has run the County into the ground and he is telling successful business people that they are not "responsible biddes"? C'mon.
Dave Kanegis July 23, 2012 at 07:32 AM
To all Rockland County Legislators, I am shocked that the RCLegislature has determined their is no use for 185 North Main Street. This building is uniquely situated in the center of where many East Ramapo residents reside. I have tried in vain to contact The Legislature, with creative ideas as to how this building can be utilized to reach out to disenfranchised parents and students, and how it could be made into a center that not only offers a variety of services to residents, but could also be used by East Ramapo to "think out of the box," and provide a unique educational experience to East Ramapo students. For the Legislature to say that the building is no longer needed is short sighted. Their reasoning is services currently being offered could be consolidated in other areas. If the Legislature looks beyond numbers alone, there exists incredible opportunity to aid our students, raise the "all important," test scores and create a true community center. As a lifelong resident and former teacher, my frustration with the Legislature is substantial. Clearly, not one member is thinking out of the box. Dave Kanegis


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