Special Legislative Meeting To Vote On Deficit Resolutions

"Committee of the Whole" meets Tuesday night at 7 p.m.


The Rockland County Legislature will meet Tuesday night to vote on a number of resolutions related to the county's deficit. The special meeting is listed as a "midyear budget adjustment." On the agenda are resolutions put .

Several resolutions deal with the county's Home Rule request. One resolution states the legislature thinks the best option for the residents of the county is to request Home Rule legislation. The resolution states that it would permit the county to “finance its deficit by issuing bonds and increase the current sales and compensating use tax rate by an additional three-eighths of one percent.”

The legislation goes on to say that the county would use any additional revenue from the increased tax to pay the 2012 operating costs for the county, and to pay any indebtedness incurred as a result of the legislation.  It also states that excess funds, if any, to be used to pay any other bonded indebtedness of the county.

The next resolution requests that the New York State Legislature introduce Home Rule legislation that would permit Rockland to finance its deficit by issuing bonds.

The legislature will also vote on a resolution giving the commissioner of finance for the county “the power to authorize from time to time during the fiscal year of 2012,  the sale and issuance of not to exceed $35 million in revenue anticipation notes of the County of Rockland, New York, in anticipation of the receipt of county sales and compensating use tax revenues, mortgage recording tax revenues, and revenues to be received from the State of New York and from the United States of America during the fiscal year of said county during which such sale and issuance shall be authorized or for the fiscal year during which such notes shall be issued and sold.”

Another resolution calls for amending the 2012 budget in regards to contract agencies, with the execution of contracts in excess of $100,000 with contract agencies during the calendar year 2012 both within the county and outside it. The total amount, according to the legislation, comes to $300,000, which will be transferred to the county’s contingency department.

The legislature will also vote to apportion certain election expenses incurred by the Board of Elections to the various towns in the county. The expenses being voted on are:

  • Voting systems and machine technician (2)
  • Election/poll workers
  • On-site custodians and on-site software support
  • Operational supplies and transporting voting machines
  • Rental of election sites
  • Voting machine storage costs, including utilities

Another resolution states the commissioner of finance is authorized to charge the towns amounts paid by the county for the cost of education county residents incur at out-of-county community colleges. The county has been paying the chargeback, the difference in tuition betweeen Rockland Community College and other county community colleges when a Rockland resident enrolls.  

The legislature will also vote to set a date for a public hearing about a proposed motor vehicle tax. It meets at 7 p.m. tonight in New City.

amazing taking on MORE DEBT??? the credit downgrading isnt a joke..it is saying the county is sitting on quicksand.heres a Visual..you are in a resturant...ordering your meal in a normal way..being Smart about what you need...sitting next to you yo u have "Rocklandcounty" and and the other side" Clarksclownville" we all have seen their pictures and they are experts assuming you use size as the determing factor..for the next hour they grab most of your food leaving you with very little to eat..ready??? after you finish the waiter brings you 3 bills!!!!!!so my point??? in the end they fill their bellys and leave everyone else very hungry!! how dare anyone even think to raise the sales tax??just hurt the business owners..food places..floating more bonds? psst we just got a huge downgrade..HOW ABOUT MAKING ROCKLAND ONE CITY..ONE OF EVERYTHING..RUN THIS COUNTY RESPONSIBLY.STOP THIS GOVERMENT TOWNIE "SHOPLIFTING"..What we need 6 to 7 of everythig? do we have & Hospitals??nope 2 .I think"Bankruptcy" would be a good thing for every town and the whole county. time to clean the slate!!! then again many of us love to shop in NJ!!
George C May 29, 2012 at 01:28 PM
Take a look at this article http://cnsnews.com/news/article/escape-new-york-high-taxing-empire-state-loses-34-million-residents-10-years Kinda sums it up. Maybe the Vandertax and the rest of the useless legislators could read this and learn that excessive taxes are causing more people to leave.
Watchdog May 29, 2012 at 03:32 PM
COPS in Carkstown just got more double digit increases thanks to Gromack. they are putting six figure additions on their homes while seniors who pay their salaries are told by Groack to take on boarders do they can pay the salaries of these self serving selfish cops. I Cannot look these selfish cops inthe eye any longer seeing how seniors are suffering. IT IS DISGRACEFUL.
Mike Hirsch May 29, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Thank you George. The state has also lost countless businesses and their revenue during that period. Our elected representatives don't really care. They still get their paychecks and benefits. The majority of our citizens choose to complain rather than to act. It's alot easier.
Watchdog May 29, 2012 at 06:21 PM
Taxpayers are just getting screwed at every turn. The County wants the income from sales taxes Town residents pay and not the expenses. INSTEAD of trying to reduce taxes, these greedy and dishonest politicians want to transfer responsibility to other areas.
very well said...I would like to know if anyone has the answer to the following..."DO the Cops who marched in the parade get paid or they did it because they wanted too?
because everyone else did it for honoring their country...I truly hope they also did it with out being paid by the taxpayers...just wondering..
Watchdog May 29, 2012 at 08:10 PM
Email Gromack for your answer
Watchdog May 29, 2012 at 09:41 PM
Gromack has a solution for you George if you have a hard time paying your taxes. He will approve you taking on a boarder and turn your SFR into a mini boarding house. He will think up a cute name for it so it sounds OK.
Mike Hirsch May 29, 2012 at 09:54 PM
Thank you Ben. I agree. Do the police get paid for marching in the parades? I've always wondered about that.
Sick-n-Tired May 29, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Why don't you call (845) 639-5800 and ask. Make sure you tell them who you are too and referthem to this article as well.
Clarkstown life May 29, 2012 at 11:41 PM
howie$$$$$unhappytaxpayer.....dont be so angry.....i am sure mr. hirsch will find out if they are paid to march at one of the board meetings when he and the other three disgusteds ask their usual nonsense
to Clarksclown LIfer.. what is your position about anyone getting paid to march in a memorial day parade?come on man up...I surely hope "no one "got paid to march..because if anyone did that undermines the whole concept.... the ambulance or firefighters who volunteer and help others are proud to walk and show support...as I stated I asked a question clownlifer...you seem to have issues about freedom of speech..re-read what I typed..I said I hope they did it for the same reasons as"everyone else"..and enjoy your new tax on your heating and electric bill!!!!!!!!!!I after reasing about the "wonderful state of the economic stature of rockland and ramapo" that says it all about the direction of this county...clarkclown lifer why dont you write to "Moodys" and blame them!!!
Watchdog May 30, 2012 at 01:22 PM
IF the Clarkstown Cops come in on a Holiday like Memorial Day, they are guaranteed 4 hours at Double Time so if they in fact do get paid to march for an hour they get the equivalent of a full eight hours pay. I would hope and pray that even the Clarkstown Cops wouldnot stoop that low and use a holiday to honor our fallen heroes to inure to their financial benefit. The very fact that people are asking this question, whether or not it has any basis in fact, shows you to low esteem in which taxpayers hold the cops in Clarkstown
Clarkstown life May 31, 2012 at 01:04 AM
that was almost readable! good job howie. Your constant harping on the memorial day marching is boring......if you want to ask --- call the police department or gromacks office instead of blindly typing the same stuff in different story lines that it has NOTHING to do with.......whats next --- garbage can stickers, or fireworks garbage left after the 4th of july......or the 'red hots' gang you love to complain of.....pick a better platform for your nonsense.....its very old


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