Pump Station Projects Approved

Clarkstown board approves $90,000 for sewer pump station easement and awards bid for Klein Ave Pump Station replacement


The Clarkstown Town Board agreed Tuesday to pay $90,000 for a permanent property easement in order to build a new sewer pump station along Northbound Route 303 in West Nyack. The existing station near North Greenbush Road is in a flood zone. The board also authorized a bid to replace the Klein Avenue Pump Station with the expectation that that FEMA funds will pay for that upgrade.

In January, the Clarkstown Town Board approved eminent domain proceedings for the property after a year of negotiations failed to lead to an agreement. In December 2012, the property owner rejected the town’s bid to purchase the property. The amount of the bid was not disclosed. At Tuesday’s meeting the board voted in favor of acquiring the land for up to $90,0000 from Hauser Bros. Holdings, LLC and to reimburse its attorney’s fee up to $10,000 and closing costs. 

The town determined it needed the 0.9 acres at 160 North Route 303 to construct a new sewer pump station. The existing pump station near North Greenbush Road serves 20 homes and five businesses. Plans call for it to be dismantled once the new pump station with a backup generator is built.

Another pump station issue moved forward, the replacement of the Klein Avenue facility. The board approved awarding the $74,390 project to Rapid Pump & Meter Service Co, Inc. of Paterson, NJ.  The town expects the project to reduce flooding in the West Nyack neighborhood will be paid for with FEMA reimbursement funds. 

Board members also authorized $39,995 to reduce the amount of vegetation growing in Congers Lake and other bodies of water in town. Department of Environmental Control Deputy Director Dennis Letson said the vegetation at Congers Lake interferes with rowing and other recreational programs.  He explained the town has had the mitigation program for 10 years and that the board was approving a new annual agreement with DeAngelo Brothers, Inc. of Hazleton, PA. 

Additionally, the board granted permission to the Parks Board and Recreation Commission to hold the yearly July 4th fireworks display at Nanuet Senior High School on Wednesday, July 3rd at 9:30 p.m.

Pat Godfrey March 08, 2013 at 06:56 PM
Eminent domain. Another way of saying we are taking your property whether you like it or not. We will also pay you what we want whether you like it or not. What has made us a great nation for 2 centuries is the rights of the individual. Which is protected by the constitution and the bill of rights. Slowly our politicians and judges are taking those rights. They say it is for the greater good. Who made them the judge of what is good. Near as I can see is the Clarkstown board does good for themselves and their friends. They will even take your house if they want. Do you want that much power given to these people?


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