Return Of STAR Rebate Check Sought

Senator co-sponsor of bill to reinstate Basic Star and Enhanced Star Rebate checks, which were discontinued in 2009.


State Senator David Carlucci is a co-sponsor of bi-partisan legislation to restore the STAR rebate program for the 2013-2014 school year.  At a recent event to bring attention to the push for restoration, Carlucci noted Rockland County’s property taxes are the third highest in the nation. He described Rockland’s taxes as having reached “crisis levels.”

Carlucci said the Star Rebate checks, which were discontinued in 2009, would provide tax relief for middle class families, senior citizens and veterans.  He pointed out the majority of county residents earn less than $250,000 annually, which is the income level cutoff. 

“The rebate check will help us in a lot of ways – the copays on the medial, the copay on the prescriptions,” said Rosalind Jacobson of New City. “And it’ll allow us to stay in a home where we’re comfortable.”

Families earning less than $120,000 would receive 60 percent of the STAR exemption.  Those making a combined family income between $120,001 and 175,000 would receive 45 percent of the STAR exemption and those earning between $175,01 and $250,000 would receive 30 percent of the STAR exemption. Senior citizens, 65 and older, with a combined income of $79,000 would be eligible for the Enhanced STAR rebate. Another option would allow residents to write off the amount of their STAR rebate against property taxes owed.

Nanuet resident Roxanne Watson said 75 family members live in the county. She said the STAR Rebate program helped them in the past with household expenses. Some of her relatives are struggling to stay in their Rockland homes.

“The taxes are ridiculous now,” said Watson. “And right now they’re battling to stay in their homes because of taxes. So STAR again would help them.” 

Carlucci said the statewide program would cost $202 million. He is convinced money can be found in the state budget to restore the program. Previously, the average rebates in Rockland for Basic STAR had been $692 and for Enhanced STAR $705.  Residents would be required to reapply yearly.

Carlucci said action is necessary to help residents who built the county, stay in Rockland.  Gloria Biederman, who has lived in Nyack for 87 years in a house that was constructed with wood from Camp Shanks, said the rebate would help.  Other supporting Carlucci’s efforts were Florence Holzman of New City, Alan Moskin of Nanuet, Darlyne Lawson of Congers and Seymour Zucker of New City.

The legislation, which was passed in the State Senate and had an Assembly sponsor, did not get through the last legislative session. Carlucci said the state relies too heavily on property taxes to fund the education system and the bill would alleviate some of the taxpayers' burden. He is optimistic the legislation will pass in the 2013 session.

Carlucci issued a call to action for residents to sign an online petition that already has 1,600 signatures. It can be found at www.senatorcarlucci.com.

He described the legislation by saying, “This is an investment in our community.”


Mike November 12, 2012 at 01:35 PM
Sorry, but this is another "gimmick" wealth redistribution program that masks the real issue of ever increasing budgetary costs at the state and local levels. First, property taxes are just that- we pay tax based upon the status, size of lot, and the type of home. Your property tax payment is not based upon income so why would a rebate program for property tax be based upon your income? Second, this is now a mix and match approach to tax that causes greater confusion. If the govt wants to make property tax based upon income, then be up front and honest about it. This is a back door way to raise income tax. Lastly, its a sneaky psychological ploy much like what the Feds do with income tax. People overpay their tax and when that overpayment is returned, they all say "look what the govt sent me" instead of saying why did i have to prepay and get no interest in return. As i said, its a gimmick.!
J H November 12, 2012 at 01:55 PM
Here's a better idea...why not just reduce the taxes in the first place?!? Oh wait, that would require cutting spending. Silly me.
yoo carlucci,,how about standing up for all your voters and constituents and pushing for 1 "uno" one" county police force....one "1"uno" school system with entrance tests to differnt schools...one"1 "uno highway department with no "75,000 part timers to answer phone calls....come on you said it yourself our taxes are over the roof..SO WHY DONT YOU ACTUALLY STAND UP AND CONSOLIDATE THE OVER THE TOP REDUNDCY THAT PREVAILS IN THIS "PIN HEAD OF A COUNTY?????????????? 5 POLICE CHEIFS...5 SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS????THIS COUNTY IS LOSING ITS TAX BASE ...WAKE UP....
the taxpayers seeing all the pictures of smiling politicans is getting boring at various "little"events"
and to the critcs who will HOWL about safety..I do beleive that the one group that really risks their lives for the taxpayers 24/7 are the volunteer fire department people and I dont think they make as much money as the part timer highway guy or many others..YET the will run into burning smoking places to save people!!!I was just told they work for "nothing" as they are real people who are the greatest....amazing ...........we are all lucky to have people who live to help others for their internal rewards.....
I just realized that our Gov..Cuomo did impose a"tax cap rate of 2%" YET EVERY MUNICIPALITY IS IGNORING IT!! so what I dont understand....is...mr carlucci shouldnt you be representing all the Taxpayers and start to stand up to the town and municipaties that are laughing at the 2% tax cap that your boss the GOV??imposed????if you dont start to be vocal then you by lack of that are allowing those in the local towns and countys to hurt the taxpayer!!!so clarktstown kinda if you are good at math is ignoring those who pay taxes and doing whatever they have always done and will continue to do ignore us....come on carlucci lets see some action!!!!
Watchdog November 12, 2012 at 05:14 PM
More political posturing from this guy., We just got an effective 9% increase in Town Taxes, over 30% increase in County taxes and this is all he can come up with? STOP THE SPENDING STUPID. TELL your buddy Gromack to right size the Police. News Flash Carlucci...the State doesnot have the money either.
it is in reality very very simple all the townies are ignoring the GOV'S mandate of the 2% tax cap rate....and not one politican is manning up to the locals...
I heard today schummer is in Piermont....lets see who is hanging on the coatails of schummer....anybets? I think we all know who will be on his left and right..when they could be doing more helpful things instead of grandstanding


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