{UPDATE} School Board Elections And Budget Vote Remain At Clarkstown Schools

The schools will no longer serve as primary and general election polling locations.


Although Rockland County’s Board of Elections commissioners confirmed last week that Clarkstown schools would no longer be used as polling sites for primary and general elections, four buildings will continue to host voters for the school board election and budget vote.  After meeting with Elections Commissioners Lou Babcock and Kristen Zebrowski-Stavisky and other school district clerks on Tuesday, Clarkstown District Clerk Lilyane Lorusso clarified under what circumstances schools would still serve as polling locations.

She said that the seven schools previously used as polling locations for political primaries and general elections would no longer continue in that function.  The schools were Bardonia, Strawtown, West Nyack, Link, Little Tor and Woodglen elementary and Birchwood School. Lorusso said she was happy that the commissioners followed up on earlier discussions about removing the schools from the list of polling locations.

However, Clarkstown North High School, Congers, Link and West Nyack elementary schools will remain as polling places for the Tuesday, May 21 school board elections and budget vote.

Lorusso said she has relied on the Clarkstown Auxiliary Police to provide additional security at the schools on days the public comes in to vote and plans to ask them again to station officers at the four schools on May 21. She will also speak to the Clarkstown Police Department to request that the officers, who randomly pick a school to visit during their shift, go to the four schools on May 21.  Each of the schools has a greeter who admits visitors and Clarkstown North additionally has a school resource officer in the building. 

GWashington March 07, 2013 at 01:01 PM
Afraid no one will come out and vote yay? This is electioneering to have the school budget vote within the schools themselves.
Andromachos March 08, 2013 at 02:16 PM
Yes, because it is so much safer to have a school board election than a general election. Same voters (in fact school elections allow even more people in because you do not have to be registered to vote for a school election, just over 18 and a resident of the district). So, since this is a security issue, what exactly makes school votes safer?


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