Valentine: Fighting to Stay on Senate Ballot

After Carlucci challenged Valentine's petition, the Board of Elections disqualified 737 of Valentine's signatures, which means he's 141 short of getting on the ballot. The issue is being decided in court on Friday by a judge


Grant Valentine is attempting to run against David Carlucci for his senate seat. However, Carlucci challenged Valentine's petition signatures. 

Valentine and his supporters worked around the clock this week to. 

“It's very time comsuming. We have to go back and pull their voter registration card and validate that they are democrats," he said.

However, the State Board of Elections disqualified 46 percent of Valentine's signatures. 

"He filed 1,596 signatures. We invalidated 737 of his signatures," said John Conklin of the State Board of Elections. "That left him with 859 valid signatures. He needed 1,000 for the office."

"The board of elections has disqualified those signatures. We're 141 short (of 1,000) to qualify for the ballot," said Valentine.

Valentine isn't going down without a fight. The issue is currently being decided in court today, Friday.

"We're in the middle of court sessions right now. We're disputing that. We're going to court now because the Board of Elections did not count a lot of the signatures that we had. We find that we have enough ... (there are) 146 signatures that we feel are valid and that we have the accompanied voter registration card to go along with it. The judge now has to decide whether to admit it or not, so it's out of our hands now," said Valentine. 

"The court may rehabilitate to approve a certain amount of signatures. He (Valentine) may be able to produce evidence at the court that he was not able to produce with us," said Conklin, However, Conklin added that at the August 1 hearing, Valentine did not "offer any evidence to change those numbers," referring to the 737 signatures that were disqualified.

Valentine added that although he had the ID numbers for the signatures, he actually needs the actual voter registration cards for court evidence. 

"We have to prove that they are valid. We'll see what happens today. We're confident and not giving up," said Valentine. "We have an attorney and it's up to the judge to make a decision. We're hoping that the judge takes the process out of the judiciary and put it in the hands of the people. We should know by the end of the day (Friday)."  

This is not the.

"We're just trying to make sure that the people of Rockland has a choice. That's the democratic process," he added. 


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