Vanderhoef Leaves County Executive’s Office After 20 Years

He is among the longest serving county executives statewide.

C. Scott Vanderhoef
C. Scott Vanderhoef

Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef completes his final term in office today after serving five, four-year terms. Vanderhoef is Rockland’s second county executive. His future plans include opening a law office in Montebello and teaching at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill.

His office released a statement citing the accomplishments of his administration.

During his tenure Vanderhoef created the first Open Space Program, which resulted in the preservation of 1,200 acres of land, including three farms. The Republican county executive envisioned the county’s first riverfront park, Haverstraw Bay County Park, which houses Rockland’s 9-11 memorial. Over the past two decades county buildings have been modernized and rebuilt with eight new buildings and building extensions.  Among them are the new county courthouse and state-of-the-art Technology Building at Rockland Community College.

Vanderhoef worked with Legislator Harriet Cornell to establish the School of the 21st Century and increase the availability of affordable housing. The Office of Community Development funded more than 2,000 units of affordable housing.

During his first term, Rockland partnered with the U.S. Veterans Administration to establish a veterans' clinic.  Before 1996, fewer than 300 veterans were using VA outpatient services because the closest VA hospital was more than an hour away.  Currently, more than 6,000 veterans receive health services at the VA clinic in New City.

The statement also credited Vanderhoef with innovative social services and health programs; a computer mapping system; emergency services and public safety initiatives; economic development efforts; award-winning land-use plans; improved public transportation and a county property tax rate that remains among the lowest in the state.

As Vanderhoef re-enters the private sector, Ed Day prepares to take over as county executive. His swearing in ceremony takes place Wednesday in Pomona at 11 a.m.




Mad Dog December 31, 2013 at 05:50 PM
Good riddance to an arrogant man who has left Rockland County far worse than he found it. May we never hear from him in the public arena again. I give him credit for nothing. May Ed Day have the courage to make the tough decisions necessary to fix the disaster Scott V has left us.
willie 6 December 31, 2013 at 07:13 PM
20 YEARS OF DEBT !! and our grandchildren will be PAYING for YEARS TO COME !!
Kevin Sheep December 31, 2013 at 07:16 PM
Vanderhoef, a Republican, was elected five times in overwhelmingly Democratic county because he did a great job, on balance. The article highlights many accomplishments, but his most significant achievement was preserving significant open space, a move which has managed to preserve Rockland's character even as its population rapidly grew over the past 20 years. I am proud to have voted for this gentleman five times, and I wish Mr. Day, his successor, a tenure of many similar terms.
Mike Hirsch December 31, 2013 at 07:34 PM
Thank God he's finally gone. Now if only his two partners (Cornell and Schoenberger) in the train wreck that our county has become would also leave, we could really celebrate tonight.
James R January 01, 2014 at 08:47 AM
Let's see how long the "honeymoon" lasts with the new CE. I give it three months before the bashing of him begins.
Mark Walker January 01, 2014 at 10:53 AM
A tale of two Vanderhoefs....what a press release from his office describes and what most residents of Rockland County know. I give him full credit for waking people up to what is really going on in local politics and the results from complacency.
Kevin Sheep January 01, 2014 at 11:44 AM
Mark, don't mistake cranky message board comments with what most Rockland residents "know" or "believe." This guy was elected, five times, as a Republican in county with a 2-1 Democratic majority. We voted for him because most of us know: (i) increases in county taxes has a negligible effect on the cost of living in Rockland County; (ii) the budget issues the county faces result from unfunded mandates passed on by legislators in Albany -- who want to tell voters that they supported all these wonderful social programs and still managed to decrease their state taxes (of course, by passing the bills for these programs to county government); and (iii) (as most of us know who have lived in Rockland County for decades) that Rockland has faced a dramatic increase in population over the past 20 years, but Vanderhoef has managed this growth while preserving the historic character of this county with his ambitious open space programs. This is why we long-time Rockland voters elected him five times -- because even with all its growth over the past 20 years, Rockland remains a wonderful place to live and raise a family. And the Haverstraw Bay Park, which resulted exclusively from Vanderhoef's vision for a public haven on the Hudson waterfront, is truly spectacular and a wonderful gift to this county. Looking forward to Ed Day's administration, but (as the election results attest for the past two decades), the vast majority of Rocklanders are grateful for Vanderhoef's long years of service and leadership.
Mike Hirsch January 01, 2014 at 12:20 PM
Mark, the vast majority of Rocklanders don't vote. The vast majority of Rocklanders who do vote are uninformed and simply vote for their party. Vanderhoef has been re-elected because of the collusion of the parties and the Hasidic vote. He is not the only one at fault. His allies, Cornell and Schoenberger (both democrats) are equally guilty for the state of the county. You will see a big difference in the coming years with Ed Day at the helm. He is an independent man of courage rather than just another political hack.
Charles Clewsow January 01, 2014 at 02:15 PM
Kevin, you my friend, are living in LaLa Land. Vanderhoef submitted phony and fraudulent budgets for years at a time which his cronies, Shoenberger and Cornell rubber stamped. These fraudulent budgets are the reason for the $140 Million deficit we now face. These three were and are responsible for the dire financial condition of the County, not due to same Mandates, every County faces, but due to fraudulent fiscal management, overstating incomes year after year resulting in enormous deficits despite the huge amount of new sales taxed generated by Palisades Mall, huge property tax increases, new taxes on mortgages and even taxes on our electric bill. He has been a disaster for Rockland County which is why no employer will touch him.
Kevin Sheep January 01, 2014 at 03:06 PM
Charles, you have an agenda which is obvious from a mile away. In response to my specific examples of the administration's successes, you make the non-specific charge Vanderhoef with "collusion" with his cronies on the legislature? You do know, don't you, that the legislature never passed Vanderhoef's proposed budgets, and generally overrode his vetoes of their budget items. You do know, for example, that in 2011, Vanderhoef proposed a budget with a 2% tax increase and which included eliminating nearly 600 county positions? You do know that the legislature threw his budget in the trash can, restored every position which had been cut, and instead imposed a 19% tax increase? Collusion? Are you being serious? I could go on and on. We don't face a $140 million deficit. That's been largely addressed pro-actively by Vanderhoef's lobbying for the deficit bond, which will allow us to pay for the state mandates which caused the deficit over time. The fact is that Rockland voters are too intelligent and too informed to be fooled by this agenda-driven message board drivel. We are smart enough to look at our tax bills, see that our county portion of our local property taxes averages under $800 per year, and know that -- whatever issues we face with our local taxes -- the cost of county government is not the problem. Its funny that the things you and some others post here are the same anti-Vanderhoef drivel I received for years in my mail box (Thom Kleiner campaign being an exception). I can only guess that you have been among the ones who littered my mailbox for years with these frivolities. In over 20 years, I never once received a negative ad or mailer from Vanderhoef -- just thoughtful, intelligent and visionary ads which outlined his plans for managing the future of the county, retaining its character, while planning for its growth into the 21st century. We, the voters of Rockland County, look around and see Vanderhoef delivered. Granted, we have problems, principally flowing from local issues in Ramapo -- but the voters in Ramapo have to clean that up. We pay high taxes largely to support the quality of our school systems. That's not a county issue.
Charles Clewsow January 01, 2014 at 05:47 PM
Vanderhoefs budget for two years in a row included MILLIONS in income from RED LIGHT CAMERAS which we did not have nor could Never have since our population is under one million residents. That is out and out FRAUD. Sales taxes and other taxes were continually overstated by Vanderhoef as clearly noted in the NYS Controllers report. Incompetence or more likely more FRAUD. All counties face mandated costs from the State but Rocklands bonds were the only one to be downgraded to nearly Junk Status. Borrowing $96 Million to cover part of the deficit only spreads it out so my even my kids will pay for his overspending, if they can even afford to live here because of the high taxes. Vanderhoef not only squandered the huge hundreds of millions on sales tax income from the new Palisades Mall, he also squandered increases in sales taxes, a newly instituted mortgage tax, three years of increases totaling over 50% in real estate taxes and a 4% tax on electric bills....but that was not enough he had to borrow another $96 Million and THAT is not enough because even with all that income we are STILL $50 Million In the Red. Vanderhoef has been a COMPLETE DISASTER for Rockland County. That is why did not run again and that is why he cannot find a real job because no one will hire him.
Eileen Peterson January 01, 2014 at 06:15 PM
God speed in his next chapter of LIFE!
Kevin Sheep January 01, 2014 at 06:18 PM
I already dealt with all of your claims. Repeating them doesn't give them more credibility. My gosh, this is like getting another one of those ridiculous mailers you sent out over the years. Did you ever wonder why Vanderhoef got elected five times? These type of mailers/charges were transparently empty and most of us tossed them the moment we received them. I see no point in continuing this discussion.
Watchdog January 01, 2014 at 07:20 PM
Gee, at least Scotty could have shown up at the Inauguration today but in addition to being just plain dumb, he is also classless. Kevin, do you think you can find this guy a real job? Heaven knows he has been all over the County, including all the Utility Companies, seeking one but no one will hire him. No surprise to me.
Charles Clewsow January 01, 2014 at 07:26 PM
Actually Kevin Sheep, you answered none of them but that is what I expected. What about the Red Light Cameras? Did you answer that one? Overestimating income? Did you answer that?
Kevin Sheep January 01, 2014 at 10:13 PM
Yes, his budgets included a request to seek "home rule" from Albany to permit local passage of law authorizing the red-light cameras. The issue became moot when the legislature passed its own budgets. Estimations of local tax revenue was based on federal government predictions of economic activity/growth for the years in question. When the economy grew at a rate below federal government predictions, the estimation of tax revenues were off. These incorrect estimations had zero impact on Rockland's budget, since the legislature threw Vanderhoef's budgets out and passed its own. Charles, you are too easy. Enough already. The guy won five terms because he was popular, and you guys never beat him (except in your imagination in the comment sections here).
Charles Clewsow January 02, 2014 at 03:27 AM
Baloney from LaKa Land. He included millions in hus budget from income from RedLight Cameras we never had. That is not moot, it is fraud. Two years in a row. We are the weakest County in Rockland because of a very incompetent and dangerous leader by the name of Scott Vanderhoef. Until this election, all others were rigged by party leaders particularly third parties who never ran their own candidates. Too bad Vanderhoef never had the guts to show up at the swearing in of Ed Day. The room was filled with grass roots citizens and old school politicians whose jaws dropped when Ed told them he would root out corruption. Sit back and see how it is really done without casting the blame. Vanderhoef destroyed Rockland County as we know it.
Charles Clewsow January 02, 2014 at 03:31 AM
The new Day begins at 8AM today. Enjoy the show.
Kevin Sheep January 02, 2014 at 06:48 AM
Why don't we part on a point on which we agree? Ed Day is a fine man who is going to do a lot to better life in Rockland County. I thank Vanderhoef for his many years of fine service, and look forward to Mr. Day's new vision and energy.
Think4urself January 02, 2014 at 08:05 AM
Rumor has it some that one of the college courses Vanderhoef may be teaching is "How to take a fiscally sound county and run it into the ground in 20 years or less and become wealthy doing it! Various topics may include- Getting and staying in bed with the unions, Patronage jobs and how to fill them with friends and supporters, Giving tax money to one religious group, Building a mall to offset taxes and then raise taxes each year and Creative book keeping and budgets. Where do I sign up?
Watchdog January 02, 2014 at 09:01 AM
Kevin, please look up the word ACCOUNTABILITY and get back to PATCH. This guy ruined Rockland County and instead of thanking him for his service (everyone else has a job, government employees serve..nothing like getting beat to crap by my servants) we should demand return of his is pension.
Paul Nowicki January 02, 2014 at 11:12 AM
even vanderhuff own press release of his so-called accomplishments is pretty pathetic after 20 yrs in office. his overriding 'achievement' is the crushing debt he led the county into, due to his absurd and fantasy -like budgets totally out of touch with realty. look back into his various appointments and see where he lavished taxpyer money on his staff and supporters with absurd raises and 'jobs' eg tourism director. remember when he said no raise for himself and then after the election and the budget being passed he went to the legislature and requested a 10% raise for himself, he is a thoroughly crummy classless person!
Rob T January 02, 2014 at 12:26 PM
Vanderhoef was a Republican in name Only = RINO


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