West Nyack Traffic Signage Changes Considered By Town Board

Removal of no turn signs topic of public hearing later this month


The concerns that led to the installation of turn restriction signs at Snake Hill Road and Palisades Center North Drive in West Nyack never materialized.  Now the Clarkstown Town Board is considering removal of the signs.  The Planning Board’s traffic consultant explained the restrictions were put into place in 1988 to address a perceived future problem.  John Sarna said at that time area residents were concerned traffic would increase in their neighborhoods with the construction of the nearby Palisades Center Mall.

Sarna said at Tuesday night’s workshop that the current signage prohibits right turns from onto Palisades Center Drive North and left turns from Palisades Center Drive North onto Snake Hill Road.  He said a traffic study showed about 50 vehicles per hour making the illegal right turn and about 25 drivers were making the illegal left turn each hour.

Sarna noted traffic flowed smoothly through the actual intersection.

“The intersection works fine,” he said. “Looking at this intersection alone, there is no real justification for these restrictions.”

He said removing the restrictions would not change the volume of traffic at the intersection.  One resident expressed surprise that the board was considering the removal of the signs without getting information about how many violations had been issued for illegal turns. 

Sarna recommended that the signs be taken down and the traffic flow monitored for a better understanding of the impact of the change.  Depending upon the results of that study, he said one or both of the signs could be put back or a left turn arrow could be added to the traffic signal.

The removal of the signage will be the subject of a public hearing on Tuesday, April 17.  In the meantime the town attorney will review the covenants signed with the Palisades Center Mall’s owners to determine if removing the signs would have any impact on the agreement and figure out what entity would be responsible for paying the cost of a possible new traffic signal. 

stephany April 09, 2012 at 04:11 PM
The bottom line is that the signs are coming down and the study to see the impact will be initiated. clarkstown loves to study and spend money on them even when they know the ultimate outcome The real problem is how clarkstown will differentiate the actual increased traffic if any from the temporary increase in traffic deliberately created by the disgruntled few who seek to keep the status quo.They could take down license plates but there are always family members and friends that can be recruited. The real bottom line is no study should be done because it cannot be validated. Do not take taxpayer money and blow it to appease the few that are resistant to the growth everyone has to accept if gromack is to be able to hand out the raises he is accustomed to handing out
stephany April 09, 2012 at 09:33 PM
If I was one of the people wanting to keep the signs I would argue this statement given by Sarna is untrue He said removing the restrictions would not change the volume of traffic at the intersection That is not true and makes the incorrect assumption that there are currently no law abiding citizens not making the illegal right by virtue of not even going the snakehill route because they know they will not be able to make a legal right turn. If there is one car a day that just started going there because the restrictions have been removed there is an increase in volume. He should have said unacceptable increase in volume that would result in creation of a dangerous or unacceptable situation or interfere negatively with quality of life in the area. I can guarantee you he is wrong and his statement is untrue as spoken. Until there is no sign and no undue influence in the form of excessive unrealistic deliberate traffic by those in favor of the sign no study can be made There will be an increase in traffic and there will be more cars at the intersection. At worst that will only lead to the installation of a left turn arrow and not the re installation of the sign. Clarkstown thinks people do not really know how to drive unless they have and actual arrow saying YOU CAN GO NOW.
stephany April 18, 2012 at 05:51 PM
What happened a the meeting ?
Mike Hirsch April 18, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Signs are coming down.g
stephany April 20, 2012 at 03:16 PM
no brainer--the town is lucky they weren't sued


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