Your Thoughts on Baby Formula Lock-up? [POLL]

How would Bloomberg's NYC initiative impact Rockland residents?

First soda, now baby formula.

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is championing a new initiative—titled "Latch On NYC"—that promotes breast milk over its bottled counterpart.

Beginning in September, new mothers at select NYC hospitals who want baby formula will have to explicitly request it—and nab a bottle only after receiving a talk from health professionals on why breast milk is considered a better alternative.

The program has its supporters, but a fair number of detractors, too. Like U.S. senate candidate Wendy Long, who today blasted the ideas as a "mandate that has gone too far."

"A governing philosophy that replaces personal choice with a nanny state bureaucracy is wrong," Long added. Long is seeking to .

So, Patch wants to know: what are your thoughts on Bloomberg's initiative? How would it affect you if it hit , or other Rockland County facilities?

Moms, dads or interested residents, cast a vote in the Patch poll below, and leave a comment, too.

DLH August 01, 2012 at 12:12 PM
Bravo Bloomberg! I think he should be applauded for his efforts on trying to make NYC a healthier place. He isn't saying that you can't get a bottle for your newborn all he is doing is educating people to make the best choice for themselves, whatever that may be. The fact is there are people out there that just don't realize all the benefits of breast feeding. Yes, it is a personal choice! But if this helps one child to grow up a little bit healthier Isn't it worth it? I say yes.
Jennifer Maslowski August 01, 2012 at 12:38 PM
I am currently breastfeeding. For the first month, it was the hardest, most miserable thing I'd done in my entire life. I was fortunate to have the resources to get the proper counseling, and I did not have formula available...and therefore I stuck it out and now have a wonderfully healthy 7 month old with all the advantages breastfeeding provides. I agree with this stance 100%. The formula is there if it's wanted and needed, and no one will be forced to breast feed. However, the formula companies--and the hospital nurses, who often choose what's easiest for them--cannot take advantage of the exhaustion, confusion, and pain of a new mom by giving them an instantly easier solution that is much less beneficial in the long run.
Rex Rexmano August 01, 2012 at 01:37 PM
This "bloomguy" is a perfect example of a rich person with too much money that permits him time to delve into whatever that strikes his fancy. I have money, don't need the meager salary associated with the office but I want to be/buy my way into being your city's mayor...as many times as I want. I can't live in your decrepit Gracie Mansion when I can pilot my personal helicopter (with no tail markings I might add) to my fancy digs in Bermuda. I'm now NYC's dictator ahem Mayor, STOP SMOKING, NO MORE LARGE SODAS, NO INFANT FORMULAS. No one tells me what to do, I'm rich, I'm the King of NYC. Live by my laws!! What a crock of you know what. Someone remind this rich bully that this is America and not his personal kingdom.
Heather Devantier August 01, 2012 at 07:31 PM
I am a big breast feeding fan. I breastfed my child and was quite happy to do so. That being said, i feel the government should not interfere with distribution of formula to women who might not only prefer it but need it. In addition, if he wants to promote breast feeding he should promote education not restriction of alternatives.
Rosemary O'Boyle August 02, 2012 at 04:00 AM
How dare he presume to make decisions for new mothers about their children. Parents have every right to decide what is best for their child and for their family. I think the practice of sending parents home with formula samples is a good one and generous on the part of the companies providing the samples. How many times has he been sleep deprived and dealt with a hungry, crying child after giving birth? Breast feeding is a wonderful experience and I encourage new mothers to try but there are numerous reasons and circumstances that can make a bottle of formula a saving grace for an infant and a stressed family.


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