Clarkstown Classrooms get more SMART Boards

More than 40 boards being installed over summer.

The Clarkstown Central School District is using the summer months to install more than 40 new SMART Boards throughout the district.

School officials say many of the boards have already arrived, and there is an excitement surrounding these new additions and the professional development that is an integral part of the process. 

In September, all kindergarten and first grade classrooms will be equipped with SMART Boards, and many more rooms will have them as well due to the generosity of both the Clarkstown Education Foundation and the district PTAs. Both groups have made donations to make the SMART Board purchases possible.

SMART Board interactive whiteboards combine the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. The SMART Board lets teachers deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink, and save your work with the simple touch of a finger.





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