Clarkstown School Board President Promises New Attitude (VIDEO)

Joe Malgieri assures new era of civility will exist at board meetings


Clarkstown Board of Education President Joe Malgieri spoke at the beginning of Thursday night’s meeting about restoring civility between board members, board members and the audience and board members and staff.

Malgieri said he reviewed the district Dignity For All Policy. He said the board is committed to working with the new Superintendent Dr. J. Thomas Morton in a fair manner.

“This board is working to bring back respect and dignity to the Clarkstown Central School District and you have our vow here and now how we will conduct ourselves,” said Malgieri. 

His announcement was greeted with applause from audience members.

It is a theme that Dr. Morton included in his message in the district’s 2012-2013 Calendar.  He wrote, “It is also my goal to have everyone present a public decorum that is respectful to all of our citizens and dignifies any suggestion that is presented.”

The prior school board frequently voted four to three on issues and battled with each other and the former superintendent Dr. Margaret Keller-Cogan. Three new board members were elected in May and were sworn in to the board in July. Dr. Morton began as superintendent at the beginning of July.

The board voted to reinstate as deputy district clerk. She had not been reappointed to that position at the board’s July reorganization meeting. Malgieri explained a review of Sullivan’s job description showed that it included that of deputy district clerk. 


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