Clarkstown Schools Have Snow Day Plans

The Clarkstown School District adopted some of the lessons learned from the after effects of Hurricane Sandy for this school year’s calendar. The hurricane closed schools for more days than were built into the 2012-2103 school calendar. Those days and more inclement weather almost prolonged the school year into the final week of June.

So for the current school year the administration and board built four “adverse condition” or snow makeup days into the calendar.  If those four days are exceeded, the makeup days will come from the February 17th through 21st and April 14th through 18th breaks.

According to the color-coded calendar posted on the district’s website, the days will be taken in this order: February 21, February 20, February 19, February 18, April 17, April 16 and April 14.

Districts cannot use Superintendent’s Conference Days as inclement makeup days. The state education department has determined that Superintendent’s Conference Days are instructional days because teachers typically have training sessions or special programs. 



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