Custodial Fee Waived For Student Club Activities

Clarkstown Board of Education votes to waive custodial fee for board-approved, student run clubs.


The Clarkstown Board of Education voted Thursday to waive the custodian’s fee for all student run clubs that are board approved. Trustee Wendy Adolff said the board had been asked to eliminate the fee for all Clarkstown Central School District student run clubs and organizations. The trustees voted to pass the motion on the first reading and approved the new policy unanimously.

Board members also discussed revising the policy directing the process for selecting candidates for assistant principal and higher positions.  According to board members, the policy was changed several years ago so trustees could interview the three final candidates for openings of assistant principal, principal and central administrative staff. 

Board President Joe Malgieri said he did not think the board needed to be involved with the process of interviewing the three finalists and asked the policy committee to write up recommendations. He said he did not believe it was the board’s job to participate in the interviews with other stakeholders.

“I don’t think you’re getting a true sense of the person with a board member sitting in the room,” said Malgieri.

Trustee Wendy Adolff said she would like to see the board have the option of participating. 

Malgieri suggested the board retain the option of interviewing the finalist. When the superintendent recommends a candidate to hire, Malgieri said the board would have the ability to review the resume.  Then the board could decide to tell the superintendent to hire the candidate, request an interview with the prospect or do not offer this person the position. Proposed revisions for the “Selection Process and Appointment for Building and Central Administrative Staff” policy will be presented at a future board meeting.


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