Is Anyone Aware of the Strong Mold Smell at Lakewood?

Dear Editor, 

I am a Congers parent whose child will be attending Lakewood Elementary for the 2014-2015 school year.

We were invited for a walk through of the building and during our tour of the lower level we noticed a very strong mold smell. So strong that I started feeling sick. 

I contacted the district and John LaNave responded that health and safety testing will be conducted over the summer. I then requested they confirm a mold test will be performed and again he gave me the standard answer—a health and safety test will be conducted over the summer, so basically he refused to answer. 

Something needs to be done immediately! Children have been in this building all year, and i believe the principal and teachers smelled this and ignored it or maybe they reported it and allowed the district to ignore it. Either way our children are being put at risk, and the parents need to know if their children were exposed to mold all year.

Denise B.

Sheri Chablis June 26, 2014 at 07:37 AM
Simply stated: No one did what they were supposed to. I love how most of the people who 'judge' or make 'derogatory' or 'sarcastic' comments make sure they don't sign their 'real' name. If you are so sure of your opinions, what are you afraid of?
denise b June 26, 2014 at 07:41 AM
thank you jim, i will ask for the report but not going to hold my breath, as i am sure they will not provide me a copy. sheri, the doh did not call you back because they are tired of hearing about it, i called the doh and was told they do not get involved in schools issues, they told me i needed to contact boces as they oversee the schools and to my surprise boces told me they do not get involved unless the district makes a request. i repeated to the doh and boces the school is refusing and there is a strong mold smell. each time the doh referred me to boces and boces referred me back to the district. this is why our district has allowed our schools to fall apart, they govern themselves. ANY NEW IDEAS?


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