Japanese Language Assistant Helps Send 23 Clarkstown Students to Her Homeland

She is one of 15 Japanese Language Assistants in the U.S. through a Japanese program


In July, 23 students, one teacher and one program assistant from the Clarkstown Central School District (CCSD) will travel to Japan for two weeks for a cultural visit that incorporates sightseeing and volunteer work. This trip was made possible mostly through the efforts of one individual: Eri Sonohara, the program assistant from the Japan Foundation.

“I’m excited,” said Sonohara. “I’m happy to take 23 students to Japan to introduce them to my country.”

“We got this opportunity because of Eri. She’s one of 15 interns that was sent over to the U.S. so we’re very lucky to have her,” said Akiko Uchiyama, Japanese Teacher at Clarkstown North and South high schools. “Eri began working at CCSD at the beginning of this school year, September 2011.  She is planning to continue staying in Clarkstown until the end of next school year, June 2013.”

Sonohara is currently staying with a family in West Nyack. Her role at CCSD is more than just an intern because she is an assistant for the Japanese program through a program called J-LEAP.  

“For me, Eri is someone I can't ask for more. She is a hard working person who never complains things and she completes job assignments thoroughly,” said Uchiyama. “I am very happy to have her in Clarkstown and looking forward to another year working with her.  It's wonderful to have another Japanese person in the classroom for all the students and the teacher.  I myself learned so much from her.”

Uchiyama added that during their July trip, they will be visiting Osaka Yuhigaoka High School, which is the school Sonohara graduated from. Watch the video.  Sonohara talks about her high school to Clarkstown parents and students. Check back with Patch to read more about the upcoming trip in July for 23 excited Clarkstown students.


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