New City Jewish Center Holds Grandparents Day

It was the third annual Grandparents Day celebration


New City Jewish Center hosted its third annual Grandparents Day on Friday, as grandparents of nursery school students came to the school in the morning. The grandparents and students were treated to a new wrinkle for Grandparents Day this year: an arts activity based on the Hebrew alphabet led by Mordechai Rosenstein and Barry Magen, artists from Philadelphia.

The two are there all weekend, as Rosenstein is the artist in residence this weekend. There are numerous activities going on at New City Jewish Center with Rosenstein. On Thursday night, he gave a lecture on the history of the Hebrew alphabet. On Saturday night, there will be a wine and cheese reception along with an art sale and artist talk. On Sunday, there will be a breakfast with the artist event, and Rosenstein will hold another Grandparents Day activity, this one with second grade students. For more information about the weekend, click here.


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